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Nikki Rentz

Research Interests:

Research focus for cell biology includes: cytotoxicity screening, stains for structural proteins and cell phenotype markers, and imaging nanoparticle/cell interaction.

Focus in nanotechnology includes iron nanoparticle synthesis and characterization for water treatment and alternative energy catalysis applications.  The characterization portion includes tools to evaluate size, morphology, composition, surface charge and functionalization, magnetization, lifetime, and catalytic activity.  

Another main focus in membrane synthesis, which includes typical water treatment applications, such a phase inversion membranes with polymers.  We are interested in studying the membrane structure and pore size while incorporating nanoparticles into the membrane structure.  Lastly, we are interested in how nanoparticles change membrane chemical and mechanical properties, with direct application to water transport, contaminant degradation, antifouling, and anticmicrobial uses.

My focus for the permeation standards work is to have reliable testing and an understanding of how water permeates through brittle materials, such as stainless steel and silcon wafers. 


Created June 4, 2019