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Ladan Arissian (Fed)

Dr. Arissian is a Physicist at National Institute of Standards and Technology in time realization and distribution group. Prior to joining NIST in 2020, she was a research officer at National Research Council of Canada and adjunct professor of Physics in University of Ottawa in Canada. She has worked in various areas related to atomic and molecular physics and Optics such as ultrafast laser source development and frequency combs, attosecond sciences and strong field ionization, optical sensors, plasma dynamics and remote spectroscopy. She is a board member of WiSTEM group at NIST as the event chair, hosting events to enhance the sense of community across NIST campuses. She co-authored a book on lasers for public, edited a book on light filaments and has been granted 8 US patents. Her work has been shared through over 100 contributed and invited talks and peer reviewed publications.

She is active in outreach science programs and dedicated to mental and physical wellbeing as a certified Yoga instructor.


  • Auto-Stabilization of Lasers By Means of Resonant Structures, (U.S. patent 7,664,149).
  • Optical Scanning Nanoscope, (U.S. patent 8,446,592).
  • Systems and methods having a Frequency Comb, (U.S. patent 8,488,639).
  • Multi Comb Generation with a mode locked laser cavity, (U.S. patent 8,929,408).
  • Nested Frequency Comb for Absolute Index Measurement, (U.S. patent 9,653,877).
  • Intracavity fiber sensor, (U.S. patent 9,726,472).
  • Nested frequency combs, (U.S. patent 9,859,677).
  • Intracavity fiber sensors using two orthogonal polarization modes in an optical parametric oscillator cavity coupled to a sensing element, (U.S. patent 9,958,252)
  • Spectroscopy in Frequency, Time, and Position with Correlated Frequency Combs, (Provisional Patent)


Authored book: Jean-Claude Diels and Ladan Arissian, “The Power and Precision of Light”,John Wiley Publisher (2011) 200 pages (ISBN-13: 978-3527410392). A book about lasers,how they are made, their applications and impact on our daily lives. This book is intended for the public, prepared for the 50th Anniversary of the Laser.

Edited book: Jean-Claude, Martin C. Richardson, and Ladan Arissian, eds. "Light Filaments: Structures, Challenges and Applications." (2022)

Book chapters

  1. Jean-Claude Diels, Ning Hsu, Xuan Luo, Jens Biegert and Ladan Arissian. Pulse compression in parametric amplification. Wiley, 2018.
  2. Jean-Claude Diels and Ladan Arissian, ‘Mode-locked lasers”, in Encyclopedia of Modern Optics, Elsevier, 10.1016/B978-0-12-803581-8.09633-8 (2017).
  3. Jean-Claude Diels, and Ladan Arissian, “Ultrashort Optical sources and applications”, M. Bass (editor), “Optics Handbook Vol. I”, McGraw-Hill, NY (2010)
  4. Jean-Claude Diels, Jason Jones and Ladan Arissian, Applications to sensors of extreme sensitivity. in Jun Ye and Stephen Cundiff, editors, Femtosecond Optical Frequency Comb: Principle, Operation and Applications. Chapter 12, Springer, New York, NY, (2004).

Selected Publications

  1. Rastegari A, Diels JC, Kamer B, Liu LR, Arissian L. Measurement of delayed fluorescence in N2+ with a streak camera. Opt Express. 2022 Aug 15;30(17):31498-31508. Doi: 10.1364/OE.468835. PMID: 36242229.
  2. A. Korobenko, K. Johnston, M. Kubullek, L. Arissian, Z. Dube, T. Wang, M. Kübel, A. Yu. Naumov, D. M. Villeneuve, M. F. Kling, P. B. Corkum, A. Staudte, and B. Bergues, “Femtosecond streaking in ambient air,” Optica 7, 1372-1376 (2020).
  3. Mathew Britton, Marianna Lytova, Patrick Laferrière, Peng Peng, Felipe Morales, Dong Hyuk Ko, Maria Richter, Pavel Polynkin, D. M. Villeneuve, Chunmei Zhang, Misha Ivanov, Michael Spanner, Ladan Arissian,and P. B. Corkum, Short- and long-term gain dynamics in N2+ air lasing, Phys. Rev. A, 100 ,4, p013406 (2019).
  4. Ali Rastegari, Matthias Lenzner, Jean-Claude Diels, Kristen Peterson and Ladan Arissian, High Resolution remote spectroscopy and plasma dynamics induced with UV filaments Optics Letters, 44, 1, pp 147-150 (2019
  5. Ladan Arissian, Brian Kamer, Ali Rastegari, David Villeneuve and Jean-Claude Diels, Transient gain from N in light filaments Physical Review A, 98 053438 (2018).
  6. Mathew Britton, Patrick Laferriare, Dong Hyuk Ko, Zhengyan Li, Fanqi Kong, Graham Brown, Andrei Naumov, Chunmei Zhang, Ladan Arissian and Paul B. Corkum Testing the Role of Recollision in N Air Lasing Phys. Rev. Lett, 120 133208 (2018).
  7. Elise Schubert, Ali Rastegari, Chengyong Feng, Denis Mongin, Brian Kamer, Jerome Kasparian, Jean-Pierre Wolf, Ladan Arissian and Jean-Claude Diels HV discharge acceleration by sequences of UV laser filaments with visible and near-infrared pulses New Journal of Physics, 19 123040 (2017).
  8. Zhengyan Li, Graham Brown, Dong Hyuk Ko, Fanqi Kong, Ladan Arissian, and P. B. Corkum. Perturbative high harmonic wave front control. Phys. Rev. Lett., 118:033905 (2017).
  9. Fanqi Kong, Chunmei Zhang, Frédéric Bouchard, Zhengyan Li, Graham Brown, Dong Hyuk Ko, Thomas Hammond, Ladan Arissian, Robert Boyd, Ebrahim Karimi, and Paul Corkum. Controlling the orbital angular momentum of high harmonic vortices. Nature Communications, 8:14970 (2017).


A Resilient Architecture for the Realization and Distribution of Coordinated Universal Time to Critical Infrastructure Systems in the United States: Methodologies and Recommendations from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Jeffrey Sherman, Ladan Arissian, Roger Brown, Matthew J. Deutch, Elizabeth Donley, Vladislav Gerginov, Judah Levine, Glenn Nelson, Andrew Novick, Bijunath Patla, Tom Parker, Benjamin Stuhl, Jian Yao, William Yates, Michael A. Lombardi, Victor Zhang, Douglas Sutton
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