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Konrad Lehnert


Demonstration of a Multiplexer of Dissipationless SQUIDs}

John A. Mates, Gene C. Hilton, Kent D. Irwin, Leila R. Vale, Konrad W. Lehnert
We report on the development of a microwave SQUID multiplexer for reading out arrays of low-temperature detectors. In this frequency-division multiplexer, each

Microwave SQUID multiplexers for low-temperature detectors

Kent D. Irwin, James A. Beall, William B. Doriese, William Duncan, Gene C. Hilton, John A. Mates, Carl D. Reintsema, Daniel R. Schmidt, Joel N. Ullom, Leila R. Vale, Barry L. Zink, Konrad W. Lehnert
We report on the development of a SQUID multiplexer operated at microwave frequencies. This multiplexer can accommodate any detector that can be read out with
Created October 9, 2019