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Entanglement Thresholds of Doubly Parametric Quantum Transducers

April 29, 2022
Curtis Rau, Akira Kyle, Alexander T. Kwiatkowski, Ezad Shojaee, John Teufel, Konrad Lehnert, Tasshi Dennis
Doubly parametric quantum transducers, such as electro-optomechanical devices, show promise for providing the critical link between quantum information encoded in highly disparate frequencies such as in the optical and microwave domains. This technology

Cavity Entanglement and State Swapping to Accelerate the Search for Axion Dark Matter

December 10, 2021
K. Wurtz, B.M. Brubaker, Y. Jiang, Elizabeth Ruddy, Dan Palken, Konrad Lehnert
In cavity-based axion dark matter detectors, quantum noise remains a primary barrier to achieving the scan rate necessary for a comprehensive search of the axion parameter space. Here we introduce a method of scan rate enhancement in which an axion

Efficient and low-backaction measurement of a superconducting qubit

March 3, 2021
Eric Rosenthal, Christian M. Schneider, Maxime Malnou, Ziyi Zhao, Felix Leditzky, Benjamin Chapman, Waltraut Wustmann, Xizheng Ma, Daniel A. Palken, Leila R. Vale, Gene C. Hilton, Jiansong Gao, Graeme Smith, Gerhard Kirchmair, Konrad Lehnert

A quantum enhanced search for dark matter axions

February 10, 2021
K M. Backes, Daniel A. Palken, S A. Kenany, Benjamin M. Brubaker, S B. Cahn, A Droster, Gene C. Hilton, Sumita Ghosh, H. Jackson, Steve K. Lamoreaux, A. F. Feder, Konrad Lehnert, S M. Lewis, Maxime Malnou, R H. Maruyama, N M. Rapidis, M Simanovskaia, Sukhman Singh, D H. Speller, I Urdinaran, Leila R. Vale, E. C. van Assendelft, K van Bibber, H. Wang

Sideband cooling of micromechanical motion to the quantum ground state

July 6, 2011
John Teufel, Tobias Donner, Dale Li, Michael S. Allman, Katarina Cicak, Adam Sirois, Jed D. Whittaker, Konrad Lehnert, Raymond Simmonds
The advent of laser cooling techniques revolutionized the study of many atomic-scale systems, fuelling progress towards quantum computing with trapped ions and generating new states of matter with Bose–Einstein condensates. Analogous cooling techniques can

Quantum Charge Fluctuations and the Polarizability of the Single Electron Box

October 16, 2008
Konrad Lehnert, B A. Turek, K Bladh, L F. Spietz, D Gunnarsson, P Delsing
We measure the average charge on a single-electron box, with an accuracy of 10 -3 e as a function of an externally applied potential. At this accuracy, we observe that the total capacitance of the box is a function of temperature, of external potential and

Demonstration of a Multiplexer of Dissipationless SQUIDs}

January 18, 2008
John Mates, Gene C. Hilton, Kent D. Irwin, Leila R. Vale, Konrad Lehnert
We report on the development of a microwave SQUID multiplexer for reading out arrays of low-temperature detectors. In this frequency-division multiplexer, each SQUID couples to a high-Q superconducting resonator so that flux through the SQUID shifts the

Normal Metal-insulator-superconductor Junction Technology for Bolometers

April 15, 2006
Dan Schmidt, William Duncan, Kent D. Irwin, Konrad Lehnert, Nathan A. Tomlin, Joel Ullom
Normal metal-insulator-superconductor tunnel junctions are candidates for large-format arrays of ultra-low noise equivalent power bolometers. Using a wafer scale process we have fabricated devices with required the sub $\mu}$m$^3}$ volumes and ohmic

Microwave SQUID multiplexers for low-temperature detectors

January 10, 2006
Kent D. Irwin, James A. Beall, W.Bertrand (Randy) Doriese, William Duncan, Gene C. Hilton, John Mates, Carl D. Reintsema, Dan Schmidt, Joel Ullom, Leila R. Vale, Barry L. Zink, Konrad Lehnert
We report on the development of a SQUID multiplexer operated at microwave frequencies. This multiplexer can accommodate any detector that can be read out with SQUIDs, including transition-edge sensors, magnetic calorimeters, and superconductor-insulator

Microwave SQUID multiplexer

September 13, 2004
Kent D. Irwin, Konrad Lehnert
We describe a superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) multiplexer operated at microwave frequencies. The outputs of multiple SQUIDs are simultaneously modulated at different frequencies, frequency-division multiplexed, and amplified using a