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José Ricardo García (Fed)


José Ricardo García serves as Scriptwriter/Director within PAO's Video and Digital Media group at NIST where he's passionate about translating complex science into exciting and engaging stories through the many mediums of video. He believes that it's crucial to highlight NIST's scientists as the rockstars they are.

He was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. At the age of 18, he moved to New York City to pursue his dream of becoming a film and video director. In 2005, he received his BFA in Film/Video production from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. He has written, produced, shot, directed, and edited numerous short films, documentaries, music videos, corporate videos, among other projects that have received many awards  and have been exhibited in film festivals around the world. Currently lives in Maryland with his daughter and is always searching for experiences and challenges that will further develop and enhance his creative vision.


  • 2022: Communicators Award of Distinction for the Post-Quantum Encryption: the Good, the Bad, and the Powerful (Writer/Director/Editor)

  • 2022: Communicator Awards of Excellence for the Einstein, Time and Very Small Things (Editor)

  • 2021: The Communicator Award for NIST on a Chip (Writer/Director)

  • 2020: EMMY Award for Director - Non-Live (Post-Produced) for Preserving the JFK Assassination Bullets - (Writer/DP/Director/Editor)

  • 2020: EMMY Award for Rethinking Manufacturing - Branded Content (Short Form) - (Writer/Producer/Director/Editor)

  • 2020: EMMY Award for Rethinking Manufacturing - Directing - (Writer/Producer/Director/Editor)

  • 2020: EMMY Nomination for Rethinking Manufacturing - Editing - (Writer/Producer/Director/Editor)

  • 2020: Winner - Best Music Video, International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival  - Como Yo (Writer/DP/Director/Editor) *Personal Project

  • 2020: Official Selection International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival  - Nunca es Tarde (Writer/DP/Director/Editor) *Personal Project

  • 2018 EMMY Nomination for Metric Makeover - (Writer/Director) 
  • 2018: Communicator Award of Excellence for What is Time Animation (Director/Editor)
  • 2018: Communicator Awards of Excellence for the Computational Power of the Universe video (Writer/Director/Editor)
  • 2017: Emmy Award for Detective X: (Re) Discovering Wilmer Souder - Outstanding Politics/Government Program Special - (Writer/DP/Director/Editor)
  • 2017: Tech Doc Fest Best Biography Winner for Detective X: (Re) Discovering Wilmer Souder - (Writer/DP/Director/Editor)
  • 2016: Bronze Telly Award for SI Superheroes Episode II (Story Consultant)
  • 2009: Official Selection of the HBO New York International Latino Film Festival for HEE - (Writer/Producer/DP/Director/Editor) *Personal Project
  • 2005: Official Selection of NYU's Color Sync Film Festival for Portrait - (Writer/Producer/Director/Editor) *Personal Project


Fire Hazards of Dry Versus Watered Christmas Trees

Matthew S. Hoehler, Matthew F. Bundy, Laurean A. DeLauter, Robin L. Materese, Leon Gerskovic, Jose R. Garcia
These experiments were designed to examine the difference in fire hazard between a dry Christmas tree and a watered Christmas tree for fire safety awareness
Created July 30, 2019, Updated May 3, 2023