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Dean C Ripple (Fed)

Dean Ripple joined NIST as a post-doctorate in 1991. After a successful career at NIST supporting improved methods and standards in thermometry, in 2010 he became Leader of the Bioprocess Measurements Group, which develops standards and sensing technologies in support of biotherapeutic manufacturing and health care. Dean has presented workshops on measurement issues to many industrial groups, ranging from petroleum producers to vaccination program coordinators. He has authored over 60 scientific papers on a variety of metrology topics. Dean is an active member of a USP Expert Panel, the NCSLI Healthcare Metrology subcommittee, and the ASTM committee on the Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Products.

His present research focuses on the development of new standards for protein particulates. Active projects include: 

  • the development of stable surrogates for protein particles with morphology and refractive index that closely match protein particles
  • models for the optical detection of particles by imaging and non-imaging detectors
  • developing methods for the rapid characterization of protein particle density and refractive index


  • 2011, Safety Award from the National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • 2009, Certificate of Achievement from ASME
  • 2006, Silver Medal from the U.S. Department of Commerce
  • 2004, Award of Merit from ASTM
  • 2004, Bronze Medal from the National Institute of Standards and Technology


Phase-Appropriate Application of Analytical Methods to Monitor Subvisible Particles Across the Biotherapeutic Drug Product Life Cycle

Roman Mathaes, Linda Narhi, Andrea Hawe, Anja Matter, Karoline Bechtold-Peters, Sophia Kenrick, Sambit Kar, Olga Laskina, John Carpenter, Richard E. Cavicchi, Ellen Koepf, Neil Lewis, Rukman De Sliva, Dean C. Ripple
The phase-appropriate application of analytical methods to characterize, monitor, and control particles is an important aspect of the development of safe and
Created September 10, 2019, Updated June 15, 2021