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Christina Reed (Fed)

Science Writer & Editor / SPO Communications Coordinator

Christina Reed is an international journalist, editor, communications consultant, and deep-sea explorer. She is the author of two science history books: Earth Science: Decade by Decade and Marine Science: Decade by Decade, both part of a 20th-century science history series. She is also an Explorers’ Club National Fellow for her work on hydrothermal vents. 

She joined the NIST Special Programs Office (SPO) in 2021 to help with forensic science foundational reports as well as SPO external and internal communications. 



John Butler in his lab in front of a computer monitor with graphics on it
Credit: NIST

DNA Mixture Interpretations: A Q&A With NIST’s John Butler
JULY 28, 2021
Whether from skin cells, saliva, semen or blood, DNA from a crime scene is often collected and tested in a lab to see if a suspect’s DNA is likely a contributor to that sample or not.



The American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) Ambassador of Forensic Science Award in 2022 as part of the NIST Special Programs Office for advancing the recognition of forensic science in the pursuit of justice through public service.



Created January 21, 2021, Updated December 9, 2022