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Chris Schanzle (Fed)

I've been doing interesting things with computers for a few decades.  I started out by learning features and capabilities and figuring out ways to apply them to my work environment.  I've worked on various teams and projects over the years, including the high-stress of running the on-premise NIST central email service before we paid someone else to do it on their computers (the cloud).

For most of my career, I play the "IT Guy" who closely supports  mathematicians and statisticians using Linux-based desktop, laptop, and compute servers, printers, scientific software, and specialized computing devices in a demanding security environment.  Automation and keeping useful notes are among my strongest skills.


Quantifying Information Exposure in Internet Routing

Peter M. Mell, Assane Gueye, Christopher A. Schanzle
Data sent over the Internet can be monitored and manipulated by intermediate entities in the data path from the source to the destination. For unencrypted
Created May 31, 2018, Updated December 8, 2022