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Austin Hope (Assoc)

Austin Hope, Ph.D., is a mathematician and atmospheric scientist with association to NIST through his postdoc with Stony Brook University as part of Dr. Paul Shepson's atmospheric chemistry and greenhouse gas group. Before beginning with NIST and SBU, he earned his masters and doctorate degrees at the University of Maryland - College Park as part of Dr. Ross Salawitch's atmospheric chemistry and climate group. His dissertation, "Quantification of the Past and Future Anthropogenic Effect on Climate Change Using the Empirical Model of Global Climate, an Energy Balance Multiple Linear Regression Model", uses a simple climate model built at UMD to examine the link between anthropogenic GHG emissions and global temperature trends from preindustrial times to the end of the 21st century, with consideration of anthropogenic aerosols, ocean heat uptake, and multiple natural components of climate. His current work focuses on how turbulent kinetic energy is represented in the Weather Research & Forecasting model and how differences in TKE from various planetary boundary layer schemes translate into atmospheric mixing.


Created February 3, 2021, Updated December 8, 2022