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Process For Hysteretic Current -Voltage Mediated Void-Free Superconformal And Bottom-Up Filling

Published Patent Application Numer: WO 2022241088 A1


Hysteretic current-voltage mediated void-free superconformal and bottom-up filling of recessed features includes providing an electrodeposition composition with a hysteretic cyclic voltammogram; providing the substrate controlling applied electric potential; autonomously reducing the deposition potential of the recess; bifurcating the recess; forming a transition zone and moving the transition zone through the metal deposition; and reducing metal ions to form metal; and forming a resistance enhanced superconformal filling in the recess from the metal, such that forming the resistance enhanced superconformal filling occurs in consequence of autonomously reducing the deposition potential of the recess.

Created September 22, 2023, Updated December 15, 2023