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NIST Inventors
Kevin O Douglass , Stephen Eckel , Jacob Edmond Ricker and Jay H. Hendricks
patent description In short a method to improve upon the current FLOC system, for measuring pressure based on refractivity changes, by using a single laser and direct measure of the difference between the lasers without heterodyne measurement.
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High-Resolution Photonic Thermometer Article

NIST Inventors
Kevin O Douglass , Zeeshan Ahmed and Nikolai Klimov
Patent Description NIST has created a method that sense temperature variations on a µK-level using an on-chip integrated passive photonic device that features a high-quality factor nanocavity. The method includes the (i) improved design of nanobeam photonic crystal cavity, (ii) specialized fiber­


NIST Inventors
Weston L. Tew
patent description The invention is an integrated system for the realization of a single non-metal triple point via immersion-type fixed point cells. The base design can accommodate immersion-type triple-point cells of either argon, krypton, or xenon, or any other non-metal fixed point within an
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Deformometer for Determining Deformation of an Optical Cavity Optic

NIST Inventors
Zeeshan Ahmed , Kevin O Douglass , Stephen Eckel , Patrick Egan and Jay H. Hendricks
Patent description NIST has invented a pulse quantizer that uses arrays of one or more Josephson junctions to create a pulse voltage output that is immune to differential pulse timing shifts. When the output pulse patterns are used to encode a waveform, for example, the waveform will be free from
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Optical Parametric Oscillator

NIST Inventors
John T. Woodward IV
Patent Description This invention is a light source that provides high-power (1W to 5W), narrow line-width (<1 nm), quasi-continuous wave (80 MHz) light that can be tuned in wavelength from 340 nm to 2300 nm. See figure below. The light source is fully automated, solid state, and fits on a


NIST Inventors
Zeeshan Ahmed
patent description The invention is a method for utilizing a moderately broadband spectrometer to utilize the mode frequency (vm), mode-to-mode separation (FSRmn), and their respective dependence on a thermophysical perturbation (e.g. temperature) to uniquely label each mode.