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Search Patents by Curt A. Richter

Patents listed here reflect only technologies patented from FY 2018-present. To view all of NIST's patented technologies, visit the NIST pages on the Federal Laboratory Consortium website.

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Closed-loop Controlled Chemical Apparatus

NIST Inventors
Arvind Balijepalli , Curt A. Richter and Son T. Le
A closed-loop controlled chemical apparatus includes: a compound sensor including: an analyte sensor and that: produces, by the analyte sensor, a voltage signal; a reference sensor in electrical communication with the analyte sensor; a transistor including a gate terminal such that a drain current

Charge Detector And Process For Sensing A Charged Analyte

NIST Inventors
Arvind Balijepalli and Curt A. Richter
A charge detector includes: a charge sensor that senses a charged analyte and produces a charge signal in response to contact with the charged analyte; a transducer in electrical communication with the charge sensor and that: receives the charge signal from the charge sensor, receives a feedback

High Performance Topological Insulator Transistors

NIST Inventors
Qiliang Li and Curt A. Richter
Topological insulator is characterized as a new class of materials which have an insulating band gap in the bulk and gap less surface state which is protected by its intrinsic time-reversal symmetry. These topological insulators have been shown to have unique materials and electronics properties by