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Wildlife Forensic Biology Subcommittee

OSAC Wildlife Forensic Biology SC icon

The Wildlife Forensic Biology Subcommittee focuses on standards and guidelines related to taxonomic identification, individualization, and geographic origin of non-human biological evidence based on morphological and genetic analyses.

Officers | Members | Standards | Other Work Products




Christina Lindquist, Subcommittee Chair, UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory Forensic Unit

Tabitha Viner, Subcommittee Vice Chair, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Terminology Task Group Chair)

Ashley Spicer, Subcommittee Executive Secretary, California Department of Fish and Wildlife


Tasha Bauman, Wyoming Game and Fish Wildlife Forensic Lab

Alyse Bertenthal, Wake Forest Law School (Legal Task Group representative)

Kelly Carrothers, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Law Enforcement Division

Nicole Chinnicci, East Stroudsburg University

Hope DraheimU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Robert Grahn, University of California Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory

Rachel Houston, Sam Houston University (Quality Task Group representative)

Rebecca Johnson, Smithsonian Institute

Eileen Larney, Clark R. Bavin National Fish & Wildlife Forensic Laboratory

Kelly Meiklejohn, North Carolina State University

Erin Meredith, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Jeff Rodzen, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Christopher Saunders, South Dakota State University (Statistics Task Group representative; Trace Materials Subcommittee affiliate)

Piper Schwenke, NOAA Fisheries

Michael Stockdale, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Dyan Straughan, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Jen Tinsman, US Fish & Wildlife National Forensics Laboratory

Miko Wilford, Iowa State University (Human Factors Task Group representative)

Wildlife Forensic Biology Affiliate List


On the OSAC Registry

OSAC Registry Ribbon
  • ANSI/ASB Standard 019, Wildlife Forensics General Standards. 2019. 1st. Ed. (added March 2, 2021).
  • ANSI/ASB Standard 028, Wildlife Forensics Morphology Standards. 2019. 1st. Ed. (added June 3, 2020).
  • ANSI/ASB Standard 029, Report Writing in Wildlife Forensics. 2019. 1st. Ed. (added March 2, 2021).
  • ANSI/ASB Standard 047, Wildlife Forensics Validation Standard—Validating New Primers for Sequencing. 2019. 1st. Ed. (added June 3, 2020).
  • ANSI/ASB Standard 138, Standard for Collection of Known DNA Samples from Domestic Mammals. 2022. 1st. Ed. (added November 7, 2023).
    • NOTE: This replaced OSAC 2021-N-0001 on the OSAC Registry.
  • OSAC 2021-S-0006, Standard for the Use of GenBank® for Taxonomic Assignment of Wildlife (added November 2, 2021).
  • OSAC 2022-S-0011, Standard for Construction of Multilocus Databases (added June 4, 2024). 

Published by a Standards Developing Organization (SDO) & Eligible for the OSAC Registry

At an SDO for Further Development & Publication

  • OSAC 2022-S-0011, Standard for Construction of Multilocus Databases (OSAC Proposed Standard on the Registry).

Under Development

  • OSAC 2021-S-0014, Standard for Reference Collections in Wildlife Forensic Biology: Genetics and Vertebrate Morphology.
  • Genetic Methods to Determine an Individual of Potential Hybrid Origin.
  • Standard for Developing and Validating STR Multiplex Panels.
  • Validation of Wildlife Sequences in Public Databases.
  • Standard for Interpreting STR Data in Forensic Wildlife Cases When No Allelic Ladder is Available.
  • Method for Geographic Assignment of Individual Animals.

Other Work Products

Interlaboratory Study

In 2023, an interlaboratory study was conducted to assess the practical utility of OSAC 2021-S-0006, Standard for the Use of GenBank for Taxonomic Assignment of WildlifeThis proposed standard outlines a series of criteria for evaluating sequences returned from a BLAST search, and determining the most appropriate taxonomic level for reporting (i.e., species level or higher). The general concepts from OSAC 2021-S-0006, although curated specifically for GenBank, could be utilized for other public sequence databases. For this assessment, eleven wildlife forensic laboratories participated in the interlaboratory study. The laboratories were asked to taxonomically assign ten unknowns using OSAC 2021-S-0006. The results of the study determined that the species level assignments were correct in 98.3% of cases and 100% congruence was observed among laboratories. 

The full article was published December 2023: Interlaboratory study to assess the practical utility of OSAC proposed standard 2021-S-0006: Standard for the use of GenBank for taxonomic assignment of wildlife

Research & Development Needs

Created September 30, 2020, Updated June 4, 2024