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Speaker Recognition Subcommittee

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The Speaker Recognition Subcommittee focuses on standards and guidelines related to the practice of speaker recognition, voice data collection, measurement, transmission, and retrieval.

Officers | Members | Standards | Other Work Products



Larry Kincaid, Subcommittee Chair, Sandia National Laboratory

David Marks, Subcommittee Co-Vice Chair, Federal Bureau of Investigation

John Hansen, Subcommittee Co-Vice Chair, University of Texas at Dallas

Vacant, Subcommittee Executive Secretary


Dana M. Delger, Innocence Project (Legal Task Group representative)

Sandra Disner, University of Southern California

Stephanie Domitrovich, Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (Legal Task Group representative)

Ewald Enzinger, Eduworks Corporation

Patrick Gibbs, Leidos

Stephen Gibbs, U.S. Federal Government


Dorothy Glancy, Santa Clara University

Erica Gold, California State University San Marcos

Zayan Haq, Department of Homeland Security

Jack Prothero, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) (Seized Drugs Subcommittee member; Statistics Task Group representative)


Omid Sadjadi, Ph.D., Self-employed

Jennifer Stathakis, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Diane Stephens, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Alice Thomas, U.S. Secret Service

Emily Whitmarsh, Defense Forensics and Biometrics Agency

Cindy (Ya Yang) Xiong, University of Massachusetts (Human Factors Task Group representative) 

Speaker Recognition Affiliate List


On the OSAC Registry

  • AES76-2022: AES standard for audio forensics – Speech Collection Guidelines for Speaker Recognition: Interviewing at a Temporary Location ( added May 2, 2023).

Under Development

  • Overview/Landscape of Speaker Recognition.
  • Validation of Forensic Speaker Recognition for the Purpose of Informing Legal Admissibility Decisions.
  • Assessing Mismatch Conditions for Forensic Speaker Recognition.
  • Dataset Collection for Forensic Speaker Recognition.

Other Work Products

Process Maps

Research & Development Needs

Technical Guidance Documents

Discipline-Specific Bibliographies and Bibliographic References

These documents may contain information to help forensic scientists, judges, lawyers, researchers, and other readers better understand the nature, scope, and foundations of the individual disciplines as currently practiced. The identification of these documents does not represent an endorsement by OSAC or NIST. Only standards that are posted on the OSAC Registry and Technical Guidance documents, are endorsed by OSAC. The referenced documents may be subject to copyright. Note: Subcommittee position statements or responses to data collections by the subcommittee do not necessarily represent the position of OSAC or NIST.

Created July 9, 2014, Updated April 16, 2024