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Office of Information Systems Management (OISM)

OISM, under the leadership of the Chief Information Officer, implements the provisions of the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996, the Paperwork Reduction Act, and other directives regarding the acquisition, management, and use of information technology (IT) resources, including capital planning and investment analyses, the IT operating plan and budget, as well as IT acquisition strategy and performance measures.

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OISM also ensures and provides appropriate supporting infrastructure, IT security, applied research, and assistance to NIST staff, collaborators, and clients in the conduct of NIST's scientific, engineering and administrative programs and in the dissemination of information. The CIO has authority and responsibility for centralized IT functions including telecommunication, networking, Web services, integrated information systems, knowledge systems, and other IT infrastructure support services. The CIO advises the NIST Director and Deputy Director on all aspects of IT management to ensure state-of-the-art computing and networking facilities that integrate and support an enterprise-wide heterogeneous information technology environment for NIST.

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Middleware and Metrology for the Pervasive Future

Antoine Fillinger, Imad Hamchi, Stephane Degre, Lukas L. Diduch, Richard T. Rose, Jonathan G. Fiscus, Vincent M. Stanford
Using data streams from acoustic, video, proximity, location, and even physiological sensors, to recognize user intent and respond appropriately is one of the