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Middleware and Metrology for the Pervasive Future



Antoine Fillinger, Imad Hamchi, Stephane Degre, Lukas L. Diduch, Richard T. Rose, Jonathan G. Fiscus, Vincent M. Stanford


Using data streams from acoustic, video, proximity, location, and even physiological sensors, to recognize user intent and respond appropriately is one of the grand challenges to the multimodal research community. We describe our sensor-net middleware, the NIST Meeting Room Recognition Corpus, metrology, and data management tools we provide to the speech, biometric, and multimodal research communities. We present a simple example of audiovisual sensor fusion to determine which of multiple faces in a video stream is speaking to illustrate the operational concepts. We also propose a collaborative development of a data flow application to integrate, engineer, and evaluate future pervasive perceptive interfaces.
IEEE Pervasive Computing


Fillinger, A. , Hamchi, I. , Degre, S. , Diduch, L. , Rose, R. , Fiscus, J. and Stanford, V. (2009), Middleware and Metrology for the Pervasive Future, IEEE Pervasive Computing (Accessed April 19, 2024)
Created July 1, 2009, Updated January 27, 2020