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NIST’s Safety Policy

NIST’s policy for Occupational Safety and Health is to carry out all activities in a manner that protects employees, associates, and visitors from occupational injury and ill health due to NIST workplace hazards. Considering safety to be the control of recognized hazards to achieve an acceptable level of risk, NIST is committed to making occupational safety and health an integral core value and vital part of the NIST culture by:

  • Integrating safety and health considerations systematically into work practices at all levels, including all aspects of work planning and execution;
  • Providing the resources necessary for employees and covered associates to conduct their work safely;
  • Engaging employees and covered associates in safety and health matters;
  • Fostering a work environment in which employees and covered associates are encouraged to report and raise safety and health issues without fear of retaliation;
  • Continually improving the effectiveness and efficiency of NIST’s safety and health processes, systems, and capabilities through assessments and other mechanisms;
  • Complying with applicable laws, regulations, and other promulgated safety and health requirements; and
  • Setting and communicating occupational safety and health objectives.

In addition, every employee and covered associate at NIST is expected to take personal responsibility for:

  • Their own safety;
  • The safety of others: and
  • Making safety an integral core value and vital part of the NIST culture.
Created March 13, 2023, Updated March 17, 2023