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Nuclear physics

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Results from the Baksan Experiment on Sterile Transitions (BEST)

Jeffrey S. Nico, V Barinov, Bruce Cleveland, S Danshin, H Ejiri, Steve Elliott, D Frekers, Vladimir Gavrin, Valery Gorbachev, D Gorbunov, Wick Haxton, Tanya Ibragimova, I Kim, Yu Kozlova, L Kravchuk, V Kuzminov, B Lubsandorzhiev, Yu Malyshkin, R Massarczyk, Victor Matveev, Ilya Mirmov, A Petelin, R Robertson, D Sinclair, A Shikhin, V Tarasov, G Trubnikov, E Veretenkin, John Wilkerson, A Zvir
The Baksan Experiment on Sterile Transitions (BEST) was designed to investigate the deficit of electron neutrinos, nu_e, observed in previous gallium-based

Experimental Realization of Neutron Helical Waves

Michael G. Huber, Charles W. Clark, Dmitry Pushin, Connor Kapahi, Lisa DeBeer-Schmitt, David Cory, Huseyin Ekinci, Melissa Henderson, Dusan Sarenac
Methods of preparation and analysis of structured waves of light, electrons, and atoms have been advancing rapidly. Despite the proven power of neutrons for

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