Many different rectangular pieces of webby material are all wrapped up in a big ball. The pieces are each colored differently so that you can tell them apart in the bunch. These are meant to represent a graphene melt.

Materials by Design

A dash of artificial intelligence, a pinch of human ingenuity and a huge helping of collaboration... read about NIST's...

2019 - Ron Brown Excellence in Innovation Award---Jacoff-Kimble-Saidi-Virts

The group is recognized for breakthrough innovations in developing and disseminating more than 30 performance tests to quantitatively measure and compare ground robot capabilities for extremely hazardous missions. Robot manufacturers and researchers use these test methods to drive design innovations and highlight best-in-class capabilities. A key realization was that while the tests are incredibly valuable for making informed purchases of robotic technologies, they are also extremely useful for focusing training efforts and evaluating operator proficiency. Use of the test methods and...

2019 - Arthur S. Flemming Award---Kline

For his federal service through interdisciplinary research in the evolution of methods to determine the complex, three-dimensional structure of advanced state-of-the-art microelectronic devices needed for today’s semiconductor industry and the molecular structure and orientation of organic electronics materials for flexible electronics. Kline’s scientific work as a federal employee and his close interactions with industry have had a lasting impact on electronics materials research in the United States and around the world.

2019 - Gold Medal Award---Beloy-Hume-Leibrandt-Ludlow-Newbury-Sherman-Sinclair-Swann-Ye

The team is recognized for creating the world's first network of optical atomic clocks using both fiber optic and free space connections, a major advance toward creating international timekeeping based on optical clocks with 100-fold greater accuracy and stability than current microwave clock standards. The team is extending optical clock capabilities out of the metrology laboratory to enable practical advances in precision timing, navigation, communication and computer networks, quantum science and fundamental physics such as searching for dark matter.

2019 - Gold Medal Award---Liang-Neta-Stein-Yang

The group is recognized for the development and application of unique measurement methods and novel computational algorithms that led to the extraordinary and efficient expansion of the NIST Tandem Mass Spectral (MS) Library. This library, the highest-quality and most comprehensive MS data resource of its kind in the world, is relied upon for molecular species identification in complex mixtures. The molecules in the library such as metabolites, drugs, pesticides and a wide range of industrial compounds, are of prime importance for studies in human health, food, environment and forensics.

2019 - Gold Medal Award---Allocca-Lin-Gibson

The team is recognized for extraordinary leadership in establishing the infrastructure for U.S. influence and participation in global biotechnology standards development. They filled a U.S. leadership void in ISO and created an inclusive, collaborative environment among 100+ organizations to best represent U.S. interests while promoting international cooperation. Their efforts made the complex standardization world accessible to U.S. industry and led to the development of global consensus standards that promote responsible biotechnology innovation and commercialization.


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