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Technologic Papers 1926

Technologic Papers of the Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Technologic Papers of the Bureau of Standards, 1926

Causes of some accidents from gas appliances. An investigation conducted in Baltimore in cooperation with the Baltimore Health Department, United States Public Health Service, and the Consolidated Gas Electric Light & Power Co. I, T 303,
Brumbaugh, V.

A method for testing gas appliances to determine their safety from producing carbon monoxide, T 304,
Weaver, E.R.; Eiseman, J.H.; Shawn, G.B.

Permeability of stone, T 305,
Kessler, D.W.

A photometric method for measuring the hiding power of paints, T 306,
Bruce, H.D.

Durability of cement drain tile and concrete in alkali soils: Fourth progress report, 1923, T 307,
Williams, G.M.; Furlong, I.

Cement-lime mortars, T 308,
Johnson, H.V.

Behavior of synthetic tanning materials toward hide substance, T 309,
Wolesensky, E.

Properties of potters' flints and their effects in white-ware bodies, T 310,
Pressler, E.E.; Shearer, W.L.

Compressive and transverse strength of hollow-tile walls, T 311,
Stang, A.H.; Parsons, D.E.; Foster, H.D.

A study of case-lining papers for the purpose of developing standard specifications, T 312,
Scribner, B.W.; Carson, F.T.

Some characteristics of quenching curves, T 313,
French, H.J.; Klopsch, O.Z.

Shear tests of reinforced concrete beams, T 314,
Slate, W.A.; Lord; A.R; Zipprodt; R.R.

Nondestructive testing of wire hoisting rope by magnetic analysis, T 315,
Sanford, R.L.

Analysis of synthetic tanning materials, T 316,
Wolesensky, E.

Action of sodium sulphate in synthetic tanning materials, T 317,
Wolesensky, E.

Endurance tests of tires, T 318,
Holt, W.L.; Wormeley, P.L.

Holding power of wood screws, T 319,
Fairchild, I.J.

A fabric tension meter for use on aircraft, T 320,
Tuckerman, L.B.; Keulegan, G.H.; Eaton, H.N.

A study of sieve specifications, T 321,
Judson, L.V.

Effect of dry cleaning on silks. A comparison of the effect of dry cleaning and some service conditions on the strength of silk, T 322,
Goldman, H.M.; Hubbard, C.C., Schoffstall, C.W.

Use of glue in coated paper, T 323,
Hamill, G.I.; Gottschalk, V.H.; Bicking, G.W.

Standard hosiery lengths, T 324,
Schenke, E.M.; Schoffstall, C.W.

Recent developments in lamp life-testing equipment and methods, T 325,
Skogland, J.F.; Teele, Jr., R.P.

Measurement of the degree of sizing of paper, T 326,
Carson, F.T.

Compressive strength of column web plates and wide web columns, T 327,
Johnston, R.S.

Tests of large columns with H-shaped sections, T 328,
Tuckerman, L.B.; Stang, A.H..

Research on the production of currency paper in the Bureau of Standards experimental paper mill, T 329,
Shaw, M.B.; Bicking, G.W.

Resistance of conductors of various types and sizes as windings of single-layer coils at 150 to 6,000 kilocycles, T 330,
Hall, E.L.

High silicon structural steel, T 331,
Gillett, H.W.

Statical hysteresis in the flexure of bars, T 332,
Keulegan, G.H.

Transmission of sound through voice tubes, T 333,
Eckhardt, E.A.; Chrisler, V.T.; Quayle, P.P.; Evans, M.J. (With a note on the absorption of sound in rigid pipes by Buckingham; E.).

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