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Technologic Papers 1923

Technologic Papers of the Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Technologic Papers of the Bureau of Standards, 1923

Rate of exhaustion of a closed tank by a reciprocating air pump, T 224,
Buckingham, E.

A study of commercial dial micrometers for measuring the thickness of paper, T 226,
Houston, P.L.; Miller, D.R.

American and English ball clays, T 227,
Sortwell, H.H.

Lathe breakdown tests of some modern high-speed tool steels, T 228,
French, H.J.; Strauss, J.

Some tests of steel-wire rope on sheaves, T 229,
Skillman, E.

A recording chronograph for the inverse rate method of thermal analysis, T 230,
French, H.J. 5c.

Shellac, T 232,
Walker, P.H.; Steele, L.L.

Tests of heavily reinforced concrete slab beams: effect of direction of reinforcement on strength and deformation, T 233,
Slater, W.A.; Seely, F.B.

Methods of measuring the plasticity of clays, T 234,
Hall, F.P.

Thermal stresses in steel car wheels, T 235,
Burgess, G.K.; Quick, G.W.

Loading test of a hollow tile and reinforced concrete floor of Arlington Building, Washington, D. C, T 236,
Larson, L.J.; Petrenko, S.N.

Aeronautic instruments, T 237,
Hunt, F.L.

Some compressive tests of hollow-tile walls, T 238,
Whittemore, H.L.; Hathcock, B.D.

Tests of caustic magnesia made from magnesite from several sources, T 239,
Bates, P.H.; Young, R.N.; Rapp, P.

Dynamometer tests of automobile tires, T 240,
Holt, W.L.; Wormeley, P.L.

A comparison of the deoxidation effects of titanium and silicon on the properties of rail steel, T 241,
Burgess, G.K.; Quick, W.

Detector for water vapor in closed pipes, T 242,
Weaver, E.R.; Ledig, P.G.

Stresses in a few welded and riveted tanks tested under hydrostatic pressure, T 243,
Stang, A.H.; Greene, T.W.

A measure of the color characteristics of white papers, T 244,
Lofton, R.E.

Embrittlement of malleable cast iron resulting from heat treatment, T 245,
Marshall, L.H.

Wet-process enamels for cast iron, T 246,
Danielson, R.R.; Reinecker, H.P.

Created March 21, 2013, Updated September 21, 2016