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Technologic Papers 1919

Technologic Papers of the Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Technologic Papers of the Bureau of Standards, 1919

Conservation of tin in bearing metals, bronzes, and solders, T 109,
Burgess, G.K.; Woodward, R.W.

Standardization of the Saybolt Universal Viscosimeter. [2nd ed.], T 112,
Herschel, W.H.

A portable cubic-foot standard for gas, T 114,
Stillman, M.H.

Silica refractories - factors affecting their quality and methods of testing the raw materials and finished ware, T 116,
Ross, D.W.

A critical study of the Ledebur method for determining oxygen in iron and steel, T 118,
Cain, J.R.; Pettijohn, E.

The ultra-violet and visible transmission of eye-protective glasses, T 119,
Gibson, K.S.; McNicholas, H.J.

Strength and other properties of wire rope, T 121,
Griffith, J.H.; Bragg, J.G.

Tests of eighteen concrete columns reinforced with cast iron, T 122,
Tucker, Jr., J.; Bragg, J.G.

Physical and chemical tests of the commercial marbles of the United States, T 123,
Kessler, D.W.

The constitution and microstructure of silica brick and changes involved through repeated burnings at high temperatures, T 124,
Insley, H.

The viscosity of gasoline, T 125,
Herschel, W.H.

A study of the Goutal method for determining carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in steels, T 126,
Cain, J.R.; Pettijohn, E.

Leakage resistance of street-railway roadbeds and its relation to electrolysis of underground structures, T 127,
Shepard, E.R.

Effect of solar radiation upon balloons, T 128,
Edwards, J.D.; Long, M.B.

Notes on the graphitization of white cast iron upon annealing, T 129,
Merica, P.D.; Gurevich, J.J.

A comparison of the heat-insulating properties of some of the materials used in fire-resistive constructions, T 130,
Hull, W.A.

Application of the interferometer to gas analysis, T 131,
Edwards, J.D.

Mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion of rolled light alloys of aluminum and magnesium with copper, with nickel, and with manganese, T 132,
Merica, P.D.; Waltenberg, R.G.; Finn, A.N.

Tests of flexible gas tubing, T 133,
McBride, R.S.; Berry, W.M.

Experimental-retort tests of Orient coal, T 134,
McBride, R.S.; Brumbaugh, I.V.

Behavior of wrought manganese bronze exposed to corrosion while under tensile stress, T 135,
Merica, P.D.; Woodward, R.W.

The determination of free carbon in rubber goods, T 136,
Smith, A.H.; Epstein, S.W.

Coking of Illinois coal in Koppers type oven, T 137,
McBride, R.S.; Selvig, W.A.

Effects of glucose and salts on the wearing quality of sole leather, T 138,
Wormeley, P.L.; Bowker, R.C.; Hart, R.W.; Whitmore, L.M.; Churchill, J.B.

Some tests of light aluminum casting alloys - the effect of heat treatment, T 139,
Merica, P.D.; Karr, C.P.

Constant-temperature still head for light-oil fractionation, T 140,
Washburn, F.M.

An electrolytic resistance method for determining carbon, T 141,
Cain, J.R.

Materials and methods used in the manufacture of enameled cast-iron wares, T 142,
Staley, H.F.

Direct determination of India rubber by the nitrosite method, T 145,
Tuttle, J.B.; Yurow, L.

The cadmium electrode for storage battery testing, T 146,
Holler, H.D.; Braham, J.M.

An apparatus for measuring the relative wear of sole leathers and the results obtained with leather from the different parts of a hide, T 147,
Hart, R.W.; Bowker, R.C.

The ultra-violet and visible transmission of various colored glasses, T 148,
Gibson, K.S.; Tyndall, E.P.T.; McNicholas, H.J.

Glasses for protecting eyes from injurious radiations. [3rd ed.], T 93,
Coblentz, W.W.; Emerson, W.B.

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