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Technologic Papers 1917

Technologic Papers of the Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Technologic Papers of the Bureau of Standards, 1917

Determination of absolute viscosity by short-tube viscosimeters, T 100,
Herschel, W.H.

Typical cases of the deterioration of muntz metal (60:40 brass) by selective corrosion, T 103,
Rawdon, H.S.

Comparative tests of porcelain laboratory ware, T 105,
Waters, C.E.

Durability of stucco and plaster construction, T 70,
Wig, R.J.; Pearson, J.C.; Emley, W.E.

Properties of the calcium silicates and calcium aluminate occurring in normal Portland cement, T 78,
Bates, P.H.; Klein, A.A.

Liquid-measuring pumps, T 81,
Schlink, F.J.

Failure of brass. 1. - Microstructure and initial stresses in wrought brasses of the type 60 per cent copper and 40 per cent zinc, T 82,
Merica, P.D.; Woodward, R.W.

Manufacture and properties of sand-lime brick, T 85,
Emley, W.E.

Resistance of an oil to emulsification, T 86,
Herschel, W.H.

Studies on paper pulps, T 88,
Smith, W.H.

A specific gravity balance for gases, T 89,
Edwards, J.D.

Structure of the coating on tinned sheet copper in relation to a specific case of corrosion, T 90,
Merica, P.D.

Temperature measurements in Bessemer and open-hearth practice, T 91,
Burgess, G.K.

Measurement and specification of the physical factors which determine the saturation of certain tints of yellow, T 92,
Priest, I.G.; Peters, C.G.

Glasses for protecting eyes from injurious radiations. [1st ed.], T 93,
Coblentz, W.W.; Emerson, W.B.

Effusion method of determining gas density, T 94,
Edwards, J.D.

Durability of cement drain tile and concrete in alkali soils, T 95,
Wig, R.J.; Williams, G.M.; Finn, A.N. in cooperation with McGrory, S.H.; Bebb, E.C.; Ferguson, L.R.

Comparative tests of stitches and seams, T 96,
Lewis, W.S.

Some unusual features in the microstructure of wrought iron, T 97,
Rawdon, H.S.

Effects of heat on celluloid and similar materials, T 98,
Stokes, H.N.; Weber, H.C.P.

Gas-mantle lighting conditions in ten large cities in the United States, T 99,
McBride, R.S.; Reinicker, C.E.

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