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Technologic Papers 1913

Technologic Papers of the Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Technologic Papers of the Bureau of Standards, 1913

The evaporation test for mineral lubricating and transformer oils., T 13,
Waters, C.E.

Legal specifications for illuminating gas., T 14,
Rosa, E.B.; McBride, R.S.

The manufacture of lime., T 16,
Emley, W.E.

The function of time in the vitrification of clays, T 17,
Brown, G.H.; Murray, G.A.

Electrolysis in concrete, T 18,
Rosa, E.B.; McCollum, B.; Peters, O.S.

Physical testing of cotton yams., T 19,
Lewis, W.S.

Determination of sulphur in illuminating gas., T 20,
McBride, R.S.; Weaver, E.R.

The dehydration of clays., T 21,
Brown, G.H.; Montgomery, E.T.

The effect of overfiring upon the structure of clays, T 22,
Bleininger, A.V.; Montgomery, E.T.

The technical control of the colloidal matter of clays, T 23,
Ashley, H.E.

The determination of phosphorous in steels containing vanadium., T 24,
Cain, J.R.; Tucker, F.H.

Electrolytic corrosion of iron in soils., T 25,
McCollum, B.; Logan, K.H.

Special studies in electrolysis mitigation. I. A preliminary study of conditions in Springfield, Ohio, with recommendations for mitigation and control., T 27,
Rosa, E.B.; McCollum, B.

Variation in results of sieving with standard cement sieves., T 29,
Wig, R.J.; Pearson, J.C.

Viscosity of porcelain bodies., T 30,
Bleininger, A.V.; Teetor, P.

Some leadless borosilicate glazes maturing at about 1100 degrees C., T 31,
Montgomery, E.T.

Electrolysis from electric railway currents and its prevention: an experimental test on a system of insulated negative feeders in St. Louis., T 32,
Rosa, E.B.; McCollum, B.; Logan, K.H.

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