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Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards Volume 21

Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards, Volume21

Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards - Contents of Volume 21, p. TOC,

Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards - Index to Volume 21, p. Index,

Measurements on the thermal expansion of fused silica, S524, p. 1, (September 1925)
Souder, W.; Hidnert, P.

A unicontrol high-frequency radio direction finder, S525, p. 25, (January 1926)
Dunmore, F. W.

Transmission and absorption of sound by some building materials, S526, p. 37, (November 1925)
Eckhardt, E. A.; Chrisler, V. L.

Short tests for sets of laboratory weights, S527, p. 65, (June 1925)
Pienkowsky, A. T.

Experimental Study of the relation between intermittent and nonintermittent sector-wheel photographic exposures, S528, p. 95, (December 1925)
Davis, R.

A review of the literature relating to the normal densities of gases, S529, p. 141, (August 1925)
Blanchard, M. S.; Pickering, S. F.

Establishment of radio standards of frequency by the use of a harmonic amplifier, S530, p. 179, (March 1926)
Jolliffe, C. B.; Hazen, G.

A principle governing the distribution of current in systems of linear conductors, S531, p. 191, (February 1926)
Wenner, F.

Analysis of dental gold alloys, S532, p. 209, ( April 1926)
Swanger, W. H.

Relations between rotary power and structure in the sugar group. Part I (1 to 10), S533, p. 241
Hudson, C. S.

Effect of concentrated loads on the length of measuring tapes, S534, p. 385, (April 1926)
Judson, L. V.

A fundamental basis for measurements of length, S535, p. 395, (May 1926)
Bearce, H. W.

A portable direction finder for 90 to 7,700 Kilocycles, S536, p. 409, (July 1926)
Dunmore, F. W.

Formula for the Inductance of a helix made with wire of any section, S537, p. 431, (February 1926)
Snow, C.

Spectral energy distribution of the light emitted by plants and animals, S538, p. 521, (July 1926)
Coblentz, W. W.; Hughes, C. W.

Radiometric measurements on the carbon arc and other light sources used in phototherapy, S539, p. 535, (July 1926)
Coblentz, W. W.; Dorcas, M. J.; Hughes, C. W.

Measurement of surface tension, S540, p. 563, (June 1926)
Dorsey, E.

A review of the literature relating to the critical constants of various gases, S541, p. 597, (January 1926)
Pickering, S. F.

Electric field of a charged wire and a slotted cylindrical conductor, S542, p. 631, (March 1926)
Snow, C.

Linkage-current diagram for representing magneto operation, S543, p. 647, (June 1926)
Silsbee, F. B.; Randolph, D. W.

Effect of Eddy currents in a core consisting of circular wires, S544, p. 701, (May 1926)
Snow, C.

Determination of the magnetic induction in sheet steel, S545, p. 727, (October 1926)
Sanford, R. L.; Barry, J. M.

Magnetic reluctivity Rrelationship, S546, p. 743, (October 1926)
Sanford, R. L.

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