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Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards Volume 20

Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards, Volume20

Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards - Contents of Volume 20,p. TOC,

Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards - Index to Volume 20, p. Index,

Tables for the calculation of the mutual inductance of circuits with circular symmetry about a common axis, S498, p. 1, (December 1924)
Grover, F. W.

Investigations on the platinum metals. VII. Arc spectra of the platinum metals (4500A to 9000A), S499, p. 19, (January 1925)
Meggers, W. F.

A method of determining the dew points of fuel-air mixtures, S500, p. 47, (February 1925)
Kennedy, R. J.

Specific heat of superheated ammonia vapor, S501, p. 65, (March 1925)
Osborne, N. S.; Stimson, H. F.; Sligh, T. S., Jr.; Cragoe, C. S.

An improved type of wave meter resonance indicator, S502, p. 111, (March 1925)
Strock, M. S.

A flow calorimeter for specific heats of gases, S503, p. 119, (April 1925)
Osborne, N. S.; Stimson, H. F.; Sligh, T. S. Jr.

A method of studying electrode potentials and polarization, S504, p. 153, (April 1925)
Holler, H. D.

Critical potentials associated with excitation of alkali spark spectra, S505, p. 167, (April 1925)
Mohler, F. L.

Theory and interpretation of experiments on the transmission of sound through partition walls, S506, p. 193, (May 1925)
Buckingham, E.

A new interference apparatus for testing haemacytometers, S507, p. 221, (June 1925)
Peters, C. G.; Page, B. L.

Spark photography and its application to some problems in ballistics, S508, p. 237, (June 1925)
Quayle, P. P.

Alternating current distribution in cylindrical conductors, S509, p. 277, (July 1925)
Snow, C.

Effect of Wear on the magnetic properties and tensile strength of steel wire, S510, p. 339, (July 1925)
Sanford, R. L.; Cheney, W. L.; Barry, J. M.

A nonintermittent senistometer (time-scale exposure machine) with clock-controlled motor drive, S511, p. 345, (August 1925)
Davis, R.

Temperature estimates of the planet Mars, S512, p. 371, (September 1925)
Coblentz, W. W.

Origin of quenching cracks, S513, p. 399, (September 1925)
Scott, H.

Gases in metals: II. The determination of oxygen and hydrogen in metals by fusion in vacuum, S514, p. 445, (October 1925)
Jordan, L.; Eckman, J. R.

Thermal expansion of tungsten, S515, p. 483, (December 1925)
Hidnert, P.; Sweeney, W. T.

A shielded resistor for voltage transformer testing, S516, p. 489, (December 1925)
Silsbee, F. B.

A special camera for photographic cylindrical surfaces, S517, p. 515, (December 1925)
Davis, R.

Metallographic etching reagents. III: For alloy steels, S518, p. 527, (December 1925)
Groesbeck, E. C.

The preparation of levulose, S519, p. 587, (January 1926)
Jackson, R. F.; Silsbee, C. G.; Proffitt, M. J.

Nonflammable Liquids for cryostats, S520, p. 619, (March 1926)
Kanolt, C. W.

Measurements of the index of refraction of glass at high temperatures, S521, p. 635, (March 1926)
Peters, C. G

Pure zinc at normal and elevated temperatures, S522, p. 661, (April 1926)
Freeman, J. R., Jr.; Sillers, F., Jr.; Brandt, P. F.

Wind pressures on structures, S523, p. 697, (April 1926)
Dryden, H. L.; Hill, G. C.

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