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Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards Volume 17

Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards, Volume17

Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards - Contents of Volume 17, p. TOC

Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards - Index to Volume 17, p. Index

A Simple portable instrument for the absolute measurement of reflection and transmission factors, S405, p. 1, (November 1920)
Taylor, A. H.

Present status of the constants and verification of the laws of thermal radiation of a uniformly heated inclosure, S406, p. 7, (December 1920)
Coblentz, W. W.

Recent modifications in the construction of platinum resistance thermometers, S407, p. 49, (January 1921)
Sligh, T. S., Jr.

Effect of the rate of cooling on the magnetic and other properties of an annealed eutectoid carbon steel, S408, p. 65, (January 1921)
Nusbaum, C.; Cheney, W. L.

A new method for the measurement of photographic filter factors, S409, p. 79, (February 1921)
Davis, R.

Thermal expansion of copper and some of its important industrial alloys, S410, p. 91, (March 1921)
Hidnert, P.

Wave-length measurements in arc spectra photographed in the yellow, red, and infra-red, S411, p. 161, (April 1921)
Walters, F. M., Jr.

Spectrophotoelectrical sensitivity of proustite, S412, p. 179, (April 1921)
Coblentz, W. W.

A Portable Vacuum Thermopile, S413, p. 187, (July 1921)
Coblentz, W. W.

Interference measurements in the spectra of argon, krypton, and xenon, S414, p. 193, (August 1921)
Meggers, W. F.

Use of the Ulbricht Sphere in measuring reflection and transmission factors, S415, p. 203, (August 1921)
Karrer, E.

Preparation of Galactose, S416, p. 227, (August 1921)
Clark, E. P.

The spectral distribution of energy required to evoke the grey sensation, S417, p. 231, (August 1921)
Priest, I. G.

Spectroradiometric Investigation of the Transmission of Various Substances, II, S418, p. 267, (August 1921)
Coblentz, W. W.

The production of liquid air on a laboratory scale, S419, p. 277, (September 1921)
Cook, J. W.

Specific volume of liquid ammonia, S420, p. 287, (October 1921)
Cragoe, C. S.; Harper, D. R., 3d

Wave lengths longer than 5500 A in the arc spectra of yttrium, lanthanum, and cerium and the preparation of pure rare-earth elements, S421, p. 317, (October 1921)
Kiess, C. C.; Hopkins, B. S.; Kremers, H. C.

Studies in Color Sensitive Photographic Plates and Methods of Sensitizing by bathing, S422, p. 353, (November 1921)
Walters, F. M., Jr.; Davis, R.

Operation of the modulator tube in radio telephone sets, S423, p. 377, (November 1921)
Purington, E. S.

Mathematical Theory of induced voltage in the high-tension magneto, S424, p. 407, (December 1921)
Silsbee, F. B.

Characteristic Soft X-rays from Arcs in Gases and Vapors, S425, p. 471, (December 1921)
Mohler, F. L.; Foote, Paul D.

Thermal expansion of nickel, monel metal, stellite, stainless steel, and aluminum, S426, p. 497, (December 1921)
Souder, W. H.; Hidnert, P.

Some effects of the distributed capacity between inductance coils and the ground, S427, p. 521, (December 1921)
Breit, G.

The radio direction finder and its application to navigation, S428, p. 529, (January 1922)
Kolster, F. A.; Dunmore, F. W.

Note on the Preparation of Mannose, S429, p. 567, (January 1922)
Clark, E. P.

High-frequency resistance of inductance coils, S430, p. 569, (February 1922)
Breit, G.

The field radiated from two horizontal coils, S431, p. 589, (March 1922)
Breit, G.

An improved method for preparing raffinose, S432, p. 607, (April 1922)
Clark, E. P.

Thermal expansion of a few steels, S433, p. 611, (April 1922)
Souder, W.; Hidnert, P.

Electromotive force of cells at low temperatures, S434, p. 627, (April 1922)
Vinal, G. W.; Altrup, F. W.

Metallographic etching reagents: II. For copper alloys, nickel, and the alpha alloys of nickel, S435, p. 635, (April 1922)
Rawdon, H. S.; Lorentz, M. G.

Interference methods for standardizing and testing precision gage blocks, S436, p. 677, (May 1922)
Peters, C. G.; Boyd, H. S.

The Solubility of Dextrose in Water, S437, p. 715, (May 1922)
Jackson, R. F.; Silsbee, C. G.

Tests of stellar radiometers and measurements of the energy distribution in the spectra of 16 stars, S438, p. 725, (May 1922)
Coblentz, W. W.

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