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Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards Volume 15

Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards, Volume 15

Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards - Contents of Volume 15, p. TOC

Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards - Index to Volume 15, p. Index

The decrease in ultra-violet and total radiation with usage of quartz mercury vapor lamps, p. 1
Coblentz, W. W.; Long, M. B.; Kahler, H.

A relation connecting the derivatives of physical quantities, p. 21
Hersey, M. D.

Preliminary determination of the thermal expansion of molybdenum, p. 31
Schad, L. W.; Hidnert, P.

Optical conditions accompanying the Striae which appear as imperfections in optical glass, p. 41
Michelson, A. A.

New forms of instruments for showing the presence and amount of combustible gas in the air, p. 47
Weaver, E. R.; Weibel, E. E.

Effect of rate of temperature change on the transformations in an alloy steel, p. 91
Scott, H.

A simplification of the inverse-rate method for thermal analysis, p. 101
Merica, P. D.

Constitution and metallography of aluminum and its light alloys with copper and with magnesium, p. 105
Merica, P. D.; Waltenberg, R. G.; Freeman, J. R., Jr.

Some optical and photoelectric properties of molybdenite, p. 121
Coblentz, W. W.; Kahler, H.

Standardization of the sulphur boiling point, p. 163
Mueller, E. F.; Burgess, H. A.

A standardized method for the determination of solidification points, especially of naphthalene and paraffin, p. 185
Wilhelm, R. M.; Finkelstein, J. L.

Airplane antenna constants, p. 199
Cork, J. M.

Reflecting power of stellite and lacquered silver, p. 215
Coblentz, W. W.; Kahler, H.

Location of flaws in rifle-barrel steel by magnetic analysis, p. 219
Sanford, R. L.; Kouwenhoven, W. B.

Spectral photoelectric sensitivity of silver sulphide and several other substances, p. 231
Coblentz, W. W.; Kahler, H.

Measurements of wave lengths in the spectra of krypton and xenon, p. 251
Merrill, Paul W.

Oxygen content by the ledebur method of acid bessemer steels deoxidized in various ways, p. 259
Cain, J. R.; Pettijohn, E.

Heat treatment of duralumin, p. 271
Merica, P. D.; Waltenberg, R. G.; Scott, H.

Use of a modified Rosenhain furnace for thermal analysis, p. 317
Scott, H.; Freeman, J. R., Jr.

Photoelectric spectrophotometry by the null method, p. 325
Gibson, K. S.

Equilibrium conditions in the system carbon, iron oxide, and hydrogen in relation to the Ledebur method for determining oxygen in steel, p. 353
Cain, J. R.; Adler, L.

Dependence of the input impedence of a three-electrode vacuum tube upon the load in the plate circuit, p. 367
Miller, J. M.

Thermal expansion of insulating materials, p. 387
Souder, Wilmer H.; Hidnert, P.

Variation in direction of propagation of long electromagnetic waves, p. 419
Taylor, A.H.

Principles of radio transmission and reception with antenna and coil aerials, p. 435
Dellinger, J. H.

Determination of the output characteristics of electron tube generators, p. 497
Hull, L. M.

Microstructure of iron and mild steel at high temperatures, p. 519
Rawdon, Henry S.; Scott, Howard

Constants of radiation of a uniformly heated inclosure, p. 529
Coblentz, W. W.

Concerning the annealing and characteristics of glass, p. 537
Tool, A. Q.; Valasek, J.

Efflux of gases through small orifices, p. 573
Buckingham, E.; Edwards, J. D.

Methods for computing and intercomparing radiation data, p. 617
Coblentz, W. W.

Magnetic testing of straight rods in intense fields, p. 625
Cheney, W.L.

Distribution of energy in the spectrum of an acetylene flame, p. 639
Coblentz, W.W.

Preparation and reflective properties of some alloys of aluminum with magnesium and with zinc, p. 653
Waltenberg, R.G.; Coblentz, W.W.

Relation of voltage of dry cells to hydrogen-ion concentration, p. 659
Holler, H.D.; Ritchie, L.M.

A new interferential dilatometer, p. 669
Priest, Irwin G.

Contrast sensibility of the eye, p. 679
Karrer, Enoch; Tyndall, E.P.T.

Turbidity Standard of Water Analysis, p. 693
Wells, P.V.

Ionization and resonance potentials for electrons in vapors of lead and calcium, p. 723
Mohler, F.L.; Foote, Paul D.; Stimson, H.F.

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