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NIST Advanced Manufacturing Subseries Descriptions

NIST Advanced Manufacturing Series consists of reports, guides, recommendations, specifications, use cases, and data management methods related to the design, planning, implementation and operation of advanced manufacturing. Within this Series are Subseries for specific groups and document types:

AMS 100: Reports
This subseries consists of advanced manufacturing reports of results and analysis; workshop reports; literature reviews; and any other materials including final or interim results.

AMS 200: Guides
This subseries consists of advanced manufacturing user-friendly guides for interpreting and/or replicating research.

AMS 300: Recommendations and Specifications 
This subseries consists of recommendations for best practices and specific methods to use to implement those best practices. 

AMS 400: Use Cases and Test Packages
This subseries consists of advanced manufacturing use cases and corresponding test cases or software packages.

AMS 500: Data Management Methods
This subseries consists of best practices for managing data advanced manufacturing data.

AMS 600: Manufacturing USA
This subseries consists of materials from the Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office, headquartered in NIST, to support Manufacturing USA—the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation. Publications in this subseries include reports, strategy documents, best practices, training documents, and governance documents.

Created December 14, 2017