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NBS Bulletin Volume 5

Bulletin of the Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 5

ISSN: 0096-8579

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 1 August 1908

Formulae and tables for the calculation of mutual and self-inductance, p. 1
Rosa, E. B.; Cohen, L.

Some contact rectifiers of electric currents, p. 133
Austin, L. W.

A method for producing feebly damped high-frequency electrical oscillations for laboratory measurements, p. 149
Austin, L. W.

On the advantages of a high spark frequency in radio-telegraphy, p. 153
Austin, L. W.

Issue 2 November 1908

Selective radiation from various solids, p. 159
Coblentz, W. W.

Remarks on the quartz compensating polariscope with adjustable sensibility, p. 193
Bates, F.

Methods of obtaining cooling curves, p. 199
Burgess, G. K.

Note on the approximate values of Bessel's functions for large arguments, p. 227
Cohen, L.

The influence of terminal apparatus on telephonic transmission, p. 231
Cohen, L.

The principles involved in the selection and definition of the fundamental electrical units to be proposed for international adoption, p. 243
Wolff, F. A.

The luminous equivalent of radiation, p. 261
Nutting, P. G.

The temperature formula of Weston standard cell, p. 309
Wolff, F. A.

Issue 3 February 1909

Radiation constants of metals, p. 339
Coblentz, W. W.

Dependence of magnetic hysteresis upon wave form, p. 381
Lloyd, M.G.

A new form of standard resistance, p. 413
Rosa, E. B.

Errors in magnetic testing with ring specimens, p. 435
Lloyd, M. G.

Issue 4 May 1909

The testing of transformer steel, p. 453
Lloyd, M. G.; Fisher, J. V. S.

A new method of determining the focal length of converging lenses, p. 483
Priest, I. G.

A new method for the absolute measurement of resistance, p. 499
Rosa, E. B.

The theory of coupled circuits, p. 511
Cohen, L.

A volt scale for a watts-per-candle meter, p. 543
Ives, H. E.

The coefficient of reflection of electrical waves at a transition point, p. 549
Cohen, L.

A tungsten comparison lamp in the photometry of carbon lamps, p. 555
Ives, H. E.; Woodhull, L. R.

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