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NBS Bulletin Volume 4

Bulletin of the Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 4

ISSN: 0096-8579

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4





Issue 1 December 1907

Clark and Weston standard cells, p. 1
Wolff, F. A.; Waters, C. E.

The electrode equilibrium of the standard cell, p. 81
Wolff, F. A.; Waters, C. E.

A comparative study of plain and frosted lamps, p. 91
Hyde, E. P.; Cady, F. E.

The variation of resistances with atmospheric humidity, p. 121
Rosa, E. B.; Babcock, H. D.

The self-inductance of a toroidal coil of rectangular section, p. 141
Rosa, E. B.

On the self-inductance of circles, p. 149
Rosa, E. B.; Cohen, L.

The influence of frequency on the resistance and inductance of solenoidal coils, p. 161
Cohen, L.

Issue 2 January 1908

The atomic weight of hydrogen, p. 179
Noyes, W. A.

On the best method of demagnetizing iron in magnetic testing, p. 205
Burrows, C. W.

A deflection potentiometer for voltmeter testing, p. 275
Brooks, H. B.

The self and mutual-inductances of linear conductors, p. 301
Rosa, E. B.

Issue 3 January 1908

The atomic weight of chlorine, p. 345
Noyes, W.A.; Weber, H.C.P.

Preparation of chloroplatinic acid by electrolysis of platinum black, p. 365
Weber, H. C. P.

The self-inductance of a coil of any length and any number of layers of wire, p. 369
Rosa, E. B.

Self-inductance of a solenoid of any number of layers, p. 383
Cohen, L.

Instruments and methods used in radiometry, p. 391
Coblentz, W. W.

A quartz compensating polariscope with adjustable sensibility, p. 461
Bates, F.

Issue 4 May 1908

An apparatus for determination of the form of a wave of magnetic flux, p. 467
Lloyd, M. G.; Fisher, J. V. S.

Effect of wave form upon the iron losses in transformers, p. 477
Lloyd, M. G.

The luminous properties of electrically conducting helium gas, p. 511
Nutting, P. G.

Function of a periodic variable given by the steady reading of an instrument; with a note on the use of the capillary electrometer with alternating voltages, p. 525
Lloyd, M. G.

Selective radiation from the Nernst glower, p. 533
Coblentz, W. W.

The testing of glass volumetric apparatus, p. 553
Osborne, N. S.; Veazey, B. H.

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