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NBS Bulletin Volume 2

Bulletin of the Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 2

ISSN: 0096-8579

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3






Issue 1 June 1906

Talbot's law as applied to the rotating sectored disk, p. 1
Hyde, E. P.

A new determination of the electromotive force of Weston and Clark standard cells by an absolute electrodynamometer, p. 33
Guthe, K. E.

The Gray absolute electrodynamometer, p. 71
Rosa, E. B.

Construction and calculation of absolute standards of inductance, p. 87
Coffin, J. G.

An efficiency meter for electric incandescent lamps, p. 145
Hyde, E. P.; Brooks, H. B.

Issue 2 August 1906

Calculation of the self-inductance of single-layer coils, p. 161
Rosa, E. B.

Heat treatment of high-temperature mercurial thermometers, p. 189
Dickinson, H. C.

A new potentiometer for the measurement of electromotive force and current, p. 225
Brooks, H. B.

Spectrum lines as light sources in polariscopic measurements, p. 239
Bates, F.

Polarimetric sensibility and accuracy, p. 249
Nutting, P. G.

On the platinum point electrolytic detector for electrical waves, p. 261
Austin, L. W.

The influence of frequency upon the self-inductance of coils, p. 275
Coffin, J. G.

Experiments on the Heusler magnetic alloys, p. 297
Guthe, K.E.; Austin, L.W.

A pocket spectrophotometer, p. 317
Nutting, P. G.

Issue 3 December 1906

Preliminary measurements on temperature and selective radiation of incandescent lamps, p. 319
Waidner, C. W.; Burgess, G. K.

Revision of the formulae of Weinstein and Stefan for the mutual inductance of coaxial coils, p. 331
Rosa, E. B.

The mutual inductance of two circular coaxial coils of rectangular section, p. 359
Rosa, E. B.; Cohen, L.

On the determination of the mean horizontal intensity of incandescent lamps by the rotating lamp method, p. 415
Hyde, E. P.; Cady, F. E.

Purity and intensity of monochromatic light sources, p. 439
Nutting, P. G.

Radiometric investigations of infra-red absorption and reflection spectra, p. 457
Coblentz, W. W.

A vacuum radiomicrometer, p. 479
Coblentz, W. W.

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