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NBS Bulletin Volume 13

Bulletin of the Bureau of Standards

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 13

ISSN: 0096-8579

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 1 June 1916

Preparation of pure iron and iron-carbon alloys, p. 1
Cain, J. R.; Schramm, E.; Cleaves, H. E.

Colorimetric determination of acetylene and its application to the determination of water, p. 27
Weaver, E. R.

Constants of the quartz-wedge saccharimeter and the specific rotation of sucrose. I. The constants for the 26-gram normal weight, p. 67
Bates, F.; Jackson, R. F.

Effect of imperfect dielectrics in the field of radio-telegraphic antenna, p. 129
Miller, J. M.

Luminosity of a black body and temperature, p. 137
Foote, P. D.; Fairchild, C. O.

Inclusions in the silver voltameter deposits, p. 147
Vinal, G. W.; Bovard, W. M.

Issue 2 August 1916

Correlation of the magnetic and mechanical properties of steel, p. 173
Burrows, C. W.

General design of critically damped galvanometers, p. 211
Wenner, F.

Interference measurements of wave lengths in the iron spectrum (3233A-675oA), p. 245
Burns, K.; Meggers, W. F.; Merrill, P. W.

Relation between composition and density of aqueous solutions of copper sulphate and sulphuric acid, p. 273
Holler, H. D.; Peffer, E. L.

Protected thermoelements, p. 283
Gray, A. W.

An interlaboratory photometric comparison of glass screens and of tungsten lamps, involving color differences, p. 287
Middlekauff, G. W.; Skogland, J. F.

An investigation of the laws of plastic flow, p. 309
Bingham, E. C.

Issue 3 December 1916

Distribution of energy in the visible spectrum of an acetylene flame, p. 355
Coblentz, W. W.; Emerson, W. B.

Further experiments of the volatilization of platinum, p. 365
Burgess, G. K.; Waltenberg, R. G.

A study of the inductance of four-terminal resistance standards, p. 375
Silsbee, F. B.

Sensitivity and magnetic shielding tests of a Thomson galvanometer for use in radiometry, p. 423
Coblentz, W. W.

Volume effect in the silver voltameter, p. 447
Rosa, E. B.; Vinal, G. W.

Constants of spectral radiation of a uniformly heated inclosure or so-called black body. II, p. 459
Coblentz, W. W.

Summary of experiments on the silver voltameter at the Bureau of Standards and proposed specifications, p. 479
Rosa, E. B.; Vinal, G. W.

Issue 4 March 1917

Determination of aluminum as oxide, p. 515
Blum, W.

Calculation of Planck's constant C(sub)2, p. 535
Dellinger, J. H.

Wheatstone bridges and some accessory apparatus for resistance thermometry, p. 547
Mueller, E. F.

The damping of waves and other disturbances in mercury, p. 563
Stillman, M. H.

A variable self and mutual inductor, p. 569
Brooks, H. B.; Weaver, F. C.

A system of remote control for an electric testing laboratory, p. 581
Agnew, P. G.; Stannard, W. H.; Fearing, J. L.

International system of electric and magnetic units, p. 599
Dellinger, J. H.

The saccharimetric normal weight and the specific rotation of dextrose, p. 633
Jackson, R. F.

Freezing point of mercury, p. 655
Wilhelm, R. M.

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