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Volume 119 (2014)

ISSN: 2165-7254

The Dissemination of Mass in the United States: Results and Implications
of Recent BIPM Calibrations of US National Prototype Kilograms

Zeina J. Kubarych and Patrick J. Abbott

Are Bragg Peaks Gaussian?
Boualem Hammouda

WWVB: A Half Century of Delivering Accurate Frequency and Time

Michael A. Lombardi and Glenn K. Nelson

Sensitivity Analysis of Fatigue Crack Growth Model for API Steels in
Gaseous Hydrogen

Robert L. Amaro, Neha Rustagi, Elizabeth S. Drexler, and Andrew J. Slifka

Concepts and Engineering Aspects of a Neutron Resonance Spin-Echo
Spectrometer for the National Institute of Standards and Technology Center for
Neutron Research

Jeremy C. Cook

A Framework for Reproducible Latent Fingerprint Enhancements
Alfred S. Carasso

Threshold Digraphs
Brian Cloteaux, M. Drew LaMar, Elizabeth Moseman, and James Shook

Optical Passive Sensor Calibration for Satellite Remote Sensing and the
Legacy of NOAA and NIST Cooperation

Raju Datla, Michael Weinreb, Joseph Rice, B. Carol Johnson, Eric Shirley, and Changyong Cao

Post-Irradiation Study of the Alanine Dosimeter
Marc F. Desrosiers

Translating Radiometric Requirements for Satellite Sensors to Match
International Stan

Aaron Pearlman, Raju Datla, Raghu Kacker, and Changyong Cao

Retrospective Analysis of NIST Standard Reference Material 1450, Fibrous
Glass Board, for Thermal Insulation Measurements

Robert R. Zarr, N.Alan Heckert, and Stefan D. Leigh

A Review of NIST Primary Activity Standards for 18F: 1982 to

Denis E. Bergeron, Jeffrey T. Cessna, Bert M. Coursey, Ryan Fitzgerald, and Brian E. Zimmerman

Towards a Standard Mixed-Signal Parallel Processing Architecture for
Minature and Microrobotics

Brian M. Sadler

Detection of Hazardous Liquids Using Microwaves
Michael D. Janezic, Jolene D. Splett, and Kevin J. Coakley

New National Air-Kerma Standard for Low-Energy Electronic Brachytherapy

Stephen M. Seltzer, Michelle O'Brien, and Michael G. Mitch

Additive Manufacturing Special Issue

Introduction to Special NIST Journal of Research Issue on Additive

John Slotwinski

Mechanical Properties of Austenitic Stainless Steel Made by Additive

William E. Luecke and John A. Slotwinski

Sustainability Characterization for Additive Manufacturing
Mahesh Mani, Kevin W. Lyons, and S.K. Gupta

An Additive Manufacturing Test Artifact
Shawn Moylan, John Slotwinski, April Cooke, Kevin Jurrens, and M. Alkan Donmez

Characterization of Metal Powders Used for Additive

J.A. Slotwinski, E.J. Garboczi, P.E. Stutzman, C.F. Ferraris, S.S> Watson, and M.A. Peltz

Porosity Measurements and Analysis for Metal Additive Manufacturing
Process Control

John A. Slotwinski, Edward J. Garboczi, and Keith M. Hebenstreit

Fired Cartridge Case Identification Using Optical Images and the
Congruent Matching Cells (CMC) Method

Mingsi Tong, John Song, Wei Chu, and Robert M. Thompson

A Low-Cost Time Transfer Receiver for Contributions to Coordinated
Universal Time

Michael A. Lombardi, Andrew N. Novick, and Victor S. Zhang

Erratum: A General Waveguide Circuit Theory
Dylan F. Williams and Roger B. Marks

Erratum: Thermal Expansion of Platinum and Platinum-Rhodium

R. E. Edsinger, M. L. Reilly, and J. F. Schooley

The Metrology of a Rastered Spot of X Rays used in Security

Lawrence T. Hudson, Jack L. Glover, and Ronaldo Minniti

Analysis of 1-Minute Potentially Available Fluoride from

Clifton M. Carey, Erin C. Holahan, and Burton D. Schmuck

Measurement of Microsphere Concentration Using a Flow Cytometer with
Volumetric Sample Delivery

Lili Wang, Yu-Zhong Zhang, Steven Choquette, and A. K. Gaigalas

Optical Properties of CdSe/ZnS Nanocrystals
Adolfas K. Gaigalas, Paul DeRose, Lili Wang, and Yu-Zhong Zhang

Recovery of Background Structures in Nanoscale Helium Ion Microscope

Alfred S. Carasso and Andras E. Vladar

The Use of Index-Matched Beads in Optical Particle Counters
Zhishang Hu and Dean C. Ripple

The Second National Ballistics Imaging Comparison (NBIC-2)
T.V. Vorburger, J. Yen, J. F. Song, R. M. Thompson, T. B. Renegar, A. Zheng, M. Tong

Created January 30, 2015, Updated September 21, 2016