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Journal of Research Volume 99

The Journal of Research of NIST reports NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 99

ISSN: 1044-677X

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6









Issue 1 January 1994

Precision comparison of the lattice parameters of silicon monocrystals, p. 1
Kessler, E.G.; Henins, A.; Deslattes, R.D.; Nielsen, L.; Arif, M.

The NIST 30 MHz linear measurement system, p. 19
Jargon, J.A.; Ginley, R.A.; Sutton, D.D.

Uncertainties in dimensional measurements made at nonstandard temperatures, p. 31
Swyt, D.A.

A null-balanced total-power radiometer system NCS1, p. 45
Pucic, S.P.

News briefs, p. 101

Issue 2 March 1994

A sealed water calorimeter for measuring absorbed dose, p. 121
Domen, S.R.

Planar Near-Field Measurements of Low-Sidelobe Antennas, p. 143
Francis, M.H.; Newell, A.C.; Grimm, K.R.; Hoffman, J.; Schrank, H.E.

On the physics required for prediction of long term performance of polymers and their composites, p. 169
Mckenna, G.B.

The measurement and uncertainty of a calibration standard for the scanning electron microscope, p. 191
Fu, J.; Croarkin, M.C.; Vorburger, T.V.

Letter to the Editor: New values for silicon reference materials, certified for isotope abundance ratios, p. 201
Debievre, P.; Valkiers, S. Pesier, H.S.

News briefs, p. 203

Issue 3 May 1994

Sources of uncertainty in a DVM-based measurement system for a quantized Hall resistance standard, p. 227
Lee, K.C.; Cage, M.E.; Rowe, P.S.

A dc method for the absolute determination of conductivities of the primary standard KCl solutions from 0°C to 50°C, p. 241
Wu, Y.C.; Koch, W.F.; Feng, D.; Holland, L.A.; Juhasz, E.; Arvay, E.; Tomek, A.

Three-axis coil probe dimensions and uncertainties during measurement of magnetic fields from appliances, p. 247
Misakian, M.; Fenimore, C.

Improved automated current control for standard lamps, p. 255
Walker, J.H.; Thompson, A.

Refractive indices of fluids related to alternative refrigerants, p. 263
Bruno, T.J.; Wood, M.A.; Hansen, B.N.

A theoretical analysis of the coherence-induced spectral shift experiments of Kandpal, Vaishya, and Joshi, p. 267
Foley, J.T.; Wang, M.

Wolf Shifts and their physical interpretation under laboratory conditions - comments on paper and author's reply, p. 281
Wolf, E.; Mielenz, K.D.

Erratum: Precision comparison of the lattice parameters of silicon monocrystals (Vol 99, Pg 1, 1994), p. 285
Kessler, E.G.; Henins, A.; Deslattes, R.D.; Nielsen, L.; Arif, M.

Workshop on characterizing diamond films III - Gaithersburg, Md - February 24-25, 1994, p. 287
Feldman, A.; Holly, S.; Klein, C.A.; Lu, G.

News briefs, p. 295

Issue 4 July 1994

Extreme-value theory and applications: Proceedings of the Conference on Extreme-Value Theory and Applications, Volume II - Gaithersburg, Md - May-1993, Preface
Galambos, J.; Lechner, J.; Simiu, E.; Hagwood, C.

Applications of extreme-value theory in corrosion engineering, p. 313
Scarf, P.A.; Laycock, P.J.

On the requirements for a reasonable extreme-value prediction of maximum pits on hot-water-supply copper tubing, p. 321
Komukai, S.; Kasahara, K.

Application of extreme-value statistics to corrosion, p. 327
Shibata, T.

Exact solution to an interacting extreme-value problem: The pure-flaw model, p. 337
Leath, P.L.; Duxbury, P.M.

Inclusion rating by statistics of extreme values and its application to fatigue strength prediction and quality control of materials, p. 345
Murakami, Y.

Critical levels of ozone over the United-Kingdom: Mapping aggregate exceedances over moderate to high thresholds, p. 353
Smith, R.I.; Anderson, C.W.; Fowler, D.

Extreme-value estimation applied to aerosol size distributions and related environmental problems, p. 361
Hopke, P.K.; Paatero, P.

A trivariate extreme-value distribution applied to flood frequency analysis, p. 369
Escalantesandoval, C.A.; Raynalvillasenor, J.A.

Fractal theory and the estimation of extreme floods, p. 377
Turcotte, D.L.

Short-record-based extreme wind simulation, p. 391
Cheng, E.D.H.; Chiu, A.N.L.

Getting the most from your extreme wind data: A step by step guide, p. 399
Walshaw, D.

Application of an empirical extreme-value distribution to load models, p. 413
Kanda, J.

Seismic risk analysis based on strain energy accumulation in focal region, p. 421
Suzuki, M.; Ozaka, Y.

Techniques used to determine extreme wave heights from the NESS data set, p. 435
Maes, M.A.; Gu, G.Z.

Extreme-value analysis of wave heights, p. 445
Castillo, E.; Sarabia, J.M.

Dynamic amplification of Jack-up platforms subjected to non-Gaussian wave loads, p. 455
Jensen, J.J.

Prediction of extreme response of nonlinear oscillators subjected to random loading using the path integral solution technique, p. 465
Naess, A.

A random field excursion model of salt-induced concrete delamination, p. 475
Fenton, G.A.

Extreme-value theory applications to space radiation damage assessment in satellite microelectronics, p. 485
Marshall, P.W.; Dale, C.J.; Burke, E.A.

Performance comparison between a statistical model, a deterministic model, and an artificial neural network model for predicting damage from pitting corrosion, p. 495
Urquidi-Macdonald, M.; Macdonald, D.D.

Identification of failure origin through testing and the Weibull risk-of-rupture, p. 505
Tesk, J.A.; Chiang, M.Y.M.; Keeny, S.M; Tang, J.; Sato, Y.

Conical extremes of a multivariate sample, p. 511
Gnedin, A.V.

Bayesian forecasting of extreme values in an exchangeable sequence, p. 521
Hill, B.M.

On the convergence of the number of exceedances of nonstationary normal sequences, p. 539
Husler, J.; Kratz, M.

On the multivariate extremal index, p. 543
Nandagopalan, S.

Domains of attraction of multivariate extreme-value distributions, p. 551
Takahashi, R.

The aggregate excess measure of severity of extreme events, p. 555
Anderson, C.W.

The measurement of averages and extremes of environmental variables, p. 563
Anderson, C.W.; Turkman, K.F.

News briefs, p. 571
Anderson, C.W.; Turkman, K.F.

Issue 5 September 1994

Tilt effects in optical angle measurements, p. 593
Queen, Y.H.

Optical characterization in microelectronics manufacturing, p. 605
Perkowitz, S.; Seiler, D.G.; Duncan, W.M.

Critical issues in scanning electron microscope metrology, p. 641
Postek, M.T.

Quest for Excellence VI - Gaithersburg, Md - February 7-9, 1994, p. 673
Parrott, C.; Chapman, R.E.

Sixteenth National Computer Security Conference - Baltimore, Md - September 20-23, 1993, p. 681
Gilbert, D.

Systems integration needs of United States manufacturers - Gaithersburg, Md - August 16-17, 1993, p. 687
Stewart, S.L.; Pinholster, G.

News briefs, p. 695

Issue 6 November 1994

An intercomparison between NPL (India) and NIST (USA) pressure standards in the hydraulic pressure region up to 26 Mpa, p. 725
Sharma, J.K.N.; Jain, K.K.; Ehrlich, C.D.; Houck, J.C.; Ward, D.B.

Intercomparison of the ITS-90 radiance temperature scales of the National Physical Laboratory (U.K.) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, p. 731
Machin, G.; Johnson, B.C.; Gibson, C; Rusby, R.L.

Screened-room measurements on the NIST spherical dipole standard radiator, p. 737
Koepke, G.; Randa, J.

Beamcon III, a linearity measurement instrument for optical detectors, p. 751
Thompson, A.; Chen, H.M.

Spectroscopic study of quantized breakdown voltage states of the quantum Hall effect, p. 757
Lavine, C.F.; Cage, M.E.; Elmquist, R.E.

Workshop on Critical Issues in Air Ultraviolet metrology - Gaithersburg, Md - May 26-27, 1994, p. 765
Thompson, A.; Hobish, M.K.

Data Administration Management Association Symposium - Gaithersburg, Md - May 17-18, 1994, p. 775
Newton, J.

North American Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Users Forum (NIUF) - Gaithersburg, Md - June 21-24, 1994, p. 777
Lennon, E.B.

Compass '94, Ninth Annual Conference on Computer Assurance - Gaithersburg, Md - June 27 July 1, 1994, p. 781
Ippolito, L.M.; Wallace, D.R.; Lennon, E.B.

News briefs, p. 787

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