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Journal of Research Volume 98

The Journal of Research of NIST reports NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 98

ISSN: 1044-677X

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6





Issue 1 January 1993

The NIST Cold Neutron Research Facility, p. 1
Prask, H.J.; Rowe, J.M.; Rush, J.J.; Schroder, L.G.

Outline of neutron scattering formalism, p. 15
Arif, M.; Dewey, M.S.; Greene, G.L.; Snow, W.M.

Small angle neutron scattering at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, p. 31
Hammouda, B.; Krueger, S.; Glinka, C.J.

Neutron reflectivity and grazing angle diffraction, p. 47
Ankner, J.F.; Majkrzak, C.F.; Satija, S.K.

The triple axis and SPINS spectrometers, p. 59
Trevino, S.F.

Neutron time-of-flight spectroscopy, p. 71
Copley, J.R.D.; Udovic, T.J.

Ultra-high resolution inelastic neutron scattering, p. 89
Neumann, D.A.; Hammouda, B.

Neutron depth profiling: Overview and description of NIST facilities, p. 109
Downing, R.G.; Lamaze, G.P.; Langland, J.K.; Hwang, S.T.

Prompt-gamma activation analysis, p. 127
Lindstrom, R.M.

Facilities for fundamental neutron physics research at the NIST Cold Neutron Research Facility, p. 135
Arif, M.; Dewey, M.S.; Greene, G.L.; Snow, W.M.

News briefs, p. 145

Issue 2 March 1993

Absolute spatially- and temporally-resolved optical emission measurements of rf glow discharges in argon, p. 159
Djurovic, S.; Roberts, J.R.; Sobolewski, M.A.; Olthoff, J.K.

Optimizing complex kinetics experiments using least-squares methods, p. 181
Fahr, A.; Braun, W.; Kurylo, M.J.

Measuring low frequency tilts, p. 191
Kohl, M.L.; Levine, J.

Optical fiber geometry: Accurate measurement of cladding diameter, p. 203
Young, M.; Hale, P.D.; Mechels, S.E.

Drift eliminating designs for non-simultaneous comparison calibrations, p. 217
Doiron, T.

A three-ratio scheme for the measurement of isotopic ratios of silicon, p. 225
Ku, H.; Schaefer, F.; Valkiers, S.; Debievre, P.

'Wolf Shifts' and their physical interpretation under laboratory conditions, p. 231
Mielenz, K.D.

Accuracy in Powder Diffraction-II: A report on the Second International Conference - Gaithersburg, Md - May 26-29, 1992, p. 241
Stalick, J.K.

Metrological issues in precision-tolerance manufacturing: A report of a NIST industry-needs workshop - Gaithersburg, Md - August 11-12, 1992, p. 245
Swyt, D.A.

Symposium on Optical Fiber Measurements - Boulder, Co - September 15-17, 1992, p. 253
Franzen, D.L.; Day, G.W.

North American Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Users' Forum (NIUF) - Gaithersburg, Md - October 26-30, 1992, p. 257
Lennon, E.B.

News briefs, p. 261

Issue 3 May 1993

Coil probe dimension and uncertainties during measurements of nonuniform ELF magnetic fields, p. 287
Misakian, M.

Characteristics of unknown linear systems deduced from measured CW magnitude, p. 297
Ma, M.T.; Adams, J.W.

X-ray diffraction line broadening: modeling and applications to high-Tc superconductors, p. 321
Balzar, D.

Evaluation of serum volume losses during long-term storage, p. 355
Craft, N.E.; Epler, K.S.; Butler, T.A.; May, W.E.; Ziegler, R.G.

Dependence of quantized Hall effect breakdown voltage on magnetic field and current, p. 361
Cage, M.E.

Workshop on Characterizing Diamond Films II - Gaithersburg, Md - February 24-25, 1993, p. 375
Feldman, A.; Beetz, C.; Klocek, P.; Lu, G.

NIST-Industry Workshop on thermal spray coatings research - Gaithersburg, Md - July 20, 1992, p. 383
Dapkunas, S.J.

News briefs, p. 391

Issue 4 July 1993

X-ray-lithography mask metrology: Use of transmitted electrons in an SEM for linewidth measurement, p. 415
Postek, M.T.; Lowney, J.R.; Vladar, A.E.; Keery, W.J.; Marx, E.; Larrabee, R.D.

Interalaboratory study on the lithographically produced scanning electron microscope magnification standard prototype, p. 447
Postek, M.T.; Vladar, A.E.; Jones, S.N.; Keery, W.J.

Phase equilibria and crystal chemistry in portions of the system SrO-CaO-Bi2O3-CuO, Part IV - The System CaO-Bi2O3-CuO, p. 469
Burton, B.P.; Rawn, C.J.; Roth, R.S.; Hwang, N.M.

Compass '93, Eigth Annual Conference on Computer Assurance - Gaithersburg, Md - June 14-17, 1993, p. 517
Wallace, D.R.; Lennon, E.B.

Workshop on Aging, Dimensional Stability, and Durability Issues in High Technology Polymers - Gaithersburg, Md - May 28-29, 1992, p. 523
Arnoldmckenna, C.; Mckenna, G.B.

News briefs, p. 535

Issue 5 September 1993

Transformation of BCC and B2 high temperature phases to HCP and orthorhombic structures in the Ti-Al-Nb system . Part I: Microstructural predictions based on a subgroup relation between phases, p. 561
Bendersky, L.A.; Roytburd, A.; Boettinger, W.J.

Transformation of BCC and B2 high temperature phases to HCP and orthorhombic structures in the Ti-Al-Nb system . Part II: Experimental TEM study of microstructures, p. 585
Bendersky, L.A.; Boettinger, W.J.

Corrosion characteristics of silicon carbide and silicon nitride, p. 607
Munro, R.G.; Dapkunas, S.J.

North American Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Users Forum (NIUF) - Gaithersburg, Md - June 22-25, 1993, p. 633
Lennon, E.B.

News briefs, p. 637

Issue 6 November 1993

Cl/Cl-36 accelerator-mass-spectrometry standards: Verification of their serial-dilution-solution preparations by radioactivity measurements, p. 653
Colle, R.; Thomas, J.W.L.

Pressure-volume-temperature relations in liquid and solid tritium, p. 679
Grilly, E.R.

Filter transmittance measurements in the infrared, p. 691
Migdall, A.L.; Frenkel, A.; Kelleher, D.E.

On two numerical techniques for light scattering by dielectric agglomerated structures, p. 699
Lakhtakia, A.; Mulholland, G.W.

Wavelengths and energy levels of neutral Kr-84 and level shifts in all Kr even isotopes, p. 717
Kaufman, V.

Third International Conference on Chemical Kinetics - reactions in gas and condensed media - Gaithersburg, Md - July 12-16, 1993, p. 725
Huie, R.E.

Data Administration Management Association Symposium -Gaithersburg, Md -May 11-12, 1993, p. 729
Newton, J.

News briefs, p. 733

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