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Journal of Research Volume 97

The Journal of Research of NIST reports NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 97

ISSN: 1044-677X

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6





Issue 1 January 1992

Special Issue - Reference spectra and energy-levels for neutral and singly-ionized platinum, Foreword
Martin, W.C.

Atlas of the spectrum of a platinum neon hollow-cathode reference lamp in the region 1130-4330 angstrom, p. 1
Sansonetti, J.E.; Reader, J.; Sansonetti, C.J.; Acquista, N.

Energy levels of neutral platinum, p. 213
Blaise, J.; Verges, J.; Wyart, J.F.; Engleman, R.

Energy levels of singly-ionized platinum, p. 217
Blaise, J.; Wyart, J.F.

News briefs, p. 226

Issue 2 March 1992

The development of a standard reference material for calibration of the University of Pittsburgh smoke toxicity method for assessing the acute inhalation toxicity of combustion products, p. 245
Levin, B.C.; Alarie, Y.; Stock, M.F.; Schiller, S.B.

Certification of NIST SRM 1962 - 3 micrometer diameter polystyrene spheres, p. 253
Hartman, A.W.; Doiron, T.D.; Fu, J.

Optical calibration of a submicrometer magnification standard, p. 267
Geist, J.; Belzer, B.; Miller, M.L.; Roitman, P.

Probe-position error correction in planar near-field measurements at 60 GHz - experimental-verification, p. 273
Muth, L.A.

Measuring the electrons charge and the fine-structure constant by counting electrons on a capacitor, p. 299
Williams, E.R.; Ghosh, R.N.; Martinis, J.M.

News briefs, p. 305

Issue 3 May 1992

A radoimeter for precision coherent radiation measurements, p. 327
Thomas, D.B.; Zalewski, E.F.

ITS-90 density of water formulation for volumetric standards calibration, p. 335
Jones, F.E.; Harris, G.L.

Heat capacity and thermodynamic properties of poly(chlorotrifluoroethylene) from 2.5 to 620 K, p. 341
Chang, S.S.; Weeks, J.J.

Precipitation and solubility of calcium hydrogenurate hexahydrate, p. 365
Babicivancic, V.; Furedimilhofer, H.; Brnicevic, N.; Markovic, M.

The NIST SPIDER, A robot crane, p. 373
Albus, J.; Bostelman, R.; Dagalakis, N.

Workshop on characterizing diamond films - Gaithersburg, Md - February 27-28, 1992, p. 387
Feldman, A.; Beetz, C.P.; Drory, M.; Holly, S.

News briefs, p. 393

Issue 4 July 1992

New wavenumber calibration tables from heterodyne frequency measurements, p. 409
Maki, A.G.; Wells, J.S.

Symmetrical level index arithmetic in simulation and modeling, p. 471
Lozier, D.W.; Turner, P.R.

Workshop on Polymer Blends, Gaithersburg, Md April 20-21, 1992, p. 487
Dimarzio, E.A.; Han, C.C.

News briefs, p. 493

Issue 5 September 1992

The characterization of a piston displacement-type flowmeter calibration facility and the calibration and use of pulsed output type flowmeters, p. 509
Mattingly, G.E.

A general waveguide circuit theory, p. 533
Marks, R.B.; Williams, D.F.

Resistive liquid-vapor surface sensors for liquid nitrogen and hydrogen, p. 563
Siegwarth, J.D.; Voth, R.O.; Snyder, S.M.

Fracture toughness of advanced ceramics at room temperature, p. 579
Quinn, G.D.; Salem, J.; Baron, I.; Cho, K.; Foley, M.; Fang, H.

Erratum: Optical calibration of a submicrometer magnification standard (J Res Natl Inst Stand Technol, Vol 97, Pg 267, 1992), p. 609
Geist, J.; Belzer, B.; Miller, M.L.; Roitman, P.

Data Administration Management Association Symposium-Gaithersburg, Md-May 12-13, 1992, p. 611
Newton, J.

News briefs, p. 615

Issue 6 November 1992

System for measuring conditional amplitude, phase, or time distributions of pulsating phenomena, p. 635
Vanbrunt, R.J.; Cernyar, E.W.

High power CW wattmeter calibration at NIST, p. 673
Rebuldela, G.; Jargon, J.A.

Compact fitting formulas for electron-impact cross sections, p. 689
Kim, Y.K.

Accuracy of the double variation technique of refractive index measurement, p. 693
Verkouteren, J.R.; Steel, E.B.; Windsor, E.S.; Phelps, J.M.

News briefs, p. 707

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