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Journal of Research Volume 96

The Journal of Research of NIST reports NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 96

ISSN: 1044-677X

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6





Issue 1 January-February 1991

Reeder, D.J.

New chemical and stereochemical applications of organoiron complexes, p. 1
Fatiadi, A. J.

International Conference on the Chemistry of Electronic Ceramic Materials - Jackson, WY - August 17-22, 1990, p. 115
Roth, R.S.

News briefs, p. 119

Issue 2 March 1991

Linearity of a silicon photodiode at 30 MHz and its effect on heterodyne measurements, p. 143
Migdall, A.L.; Winnewisser, C.

Use of the electrostatic classification method to size 0.1 micrometer SRM particles - A feasibility study, p. 147
Kinney, P.D.; Pui, D.Y.H.; Mulholland, G.W.; Bryner, N.P.

A multiple variable-angle light-scattering detector for gel permeation chromatography, p. 177
Verdier, P.H.

Proposed new electrolytic conductivity primary standards for KCl solutions, p. 191
Wu, Y.C.; Koch, W.F.; Pratt, K.W.

Digital image analysis assisted microradiography - measurement of mineral content of caries lesions in teeth, p. 203
Chow, L.C.; Takagi, S.; Tung, W.; Jordan, T.H.

Bidirectional scattering distribution function (BSDF): A systematized bibliography, p. 215
Asmail, C.

A limited international intercomparison of responsivity scales at fiber optic wavelengths, p. 225
Gallawa, R.L.; Gardner, J.L.; Nettleton, D.H.; Stock, K.D.; Ward, T.H.; Li, X.Y.

Sixth Biennial Symposium on Optical Fiber Measurements - Boulder, CO - September 11-12, 1990, p. 231
Day, G.W.; Franzen, D.L.

News briefs, p. 233

Issue 3 May 1991

A high-temperature transient hot-wire thermal conductivity apparatus for fluids, p. 247
Perkins, R.A.; Roder, H.M.; Decastro, C.A.N.

Standard reference specimens in quality control of engineering surfaces, p. 271
Song, J.F; Vorburger, T.V.

An automated reverse-bias second-breakdown transistor tester, p. 291
Berning, D.

High-resolution synchrotron x-radiation diffraction imaging of crystals grown in microgravity and closely related terrestrial crystals, p. 305
Steiner, B.; Dobbyn, R.C.; Black, D.; Burdette, H.; Kuriyama, M.; Spal, R.; Vandenberg, L.; Fripp, A.; Simchick, R.; Lal, R.B.; Batra, A.; Matthiesen, D.; Ditchek, B.

Root projection of one-sided time series, p. 333
Simmons, J.A.

Deconvolution of acoustic emission and other causal time series, p. 345
Simmons, J.A.

News briefs, p. 371

Issue 4 July 1991

General analytic correction for probe-position errors in spherical near-field measurements, p. 391
Muth, L.A.

Data for room fire model comparisons, p. 411
Peacock, R.D.; Davis, S.; Babrauskas, V.

Numerical modeling of silicon photodiodes for high-accuracy applications, Part I: Simulation programs, p. 463
Geist, J.; Chandlerhorowitz, D.; Robinson, A.M.; James, C.R.

Numerical modeling of silicon photodiodes for high-accuracy applications, Part II: Interpreting oxide-bias experiments, p. 471
Geist, J.; Kohler, R.; Goebel, R.; Robinson, A.M.; James, C.R.

Numerical modeling of silicon photodiodes for high-accuracy applications, Part III: Interpolating and extrapolating internal quantum-efficiency calibrations, p. 481
Geist, J.; Robinson, A.M.; James, C.R.

Workshop on Assessment of Testing Methodology for Glass, Glass-Ceramic, and Ceramic Matrix Composites - Gaithersburg, MD - February 8, 1990, p. 493
Cranmer, D.C.

Workshop on New Measurement Technology for Polymer Processing - Gaithersburg, MD - December 3-4, 1990, p. 503
Bur, A.J.; Handa, P.; Grudzien, C.

News briefs, p. 509

Issue 5 September 1991

Summary of the intercomparison of the force standard machines of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA, and the Physikalisch-Technische, Bundesanstalt, Germany, p. 529
Yaniv, S.L.; Sawla, A.; Peters, M.

Accurate and precise coulometric determination of sulfur dioxide in compressed gas mixtures, p. 541
Mitchell, G.D.; Bell, A.A.

Development of a coulometric method for assessing the concentration of ambient levels of CO2/air in compressed gas mixtures, p. 547
Mitchell, G.D.; Bell, A.A.

Certification of NIST SRM 1961: 30-micrometer diameter polystyrene spheres, p. 551
Hartman, A.W.; Doiron, T.D.; Hembree, G.G.

Optimization techniques for permittivity and permeability determination, p. 565
Domich, P.D.; Bakerjarvis, J.; Geyer, R.G.

Taguchi's orthogonal arrays are classical designs of experiments, p. 577
Kacker, R.N.; Lagergren, E.S.; Filliben, J.J.

A mathematical model for dental caries: A coupled dissolution-diffusion process, p. 593
Gregory, T.M.; Chow, L.C.; Carey, C.M.

Program report - The Advanced Technology Program: A new role for NIST in accelerating the development of commercially important technologies, p. 605
Belanger, B.C.; Uriano, G.A.; Kammer, R.G.

Letter to the editor - A list of new group divisible designs, p. 613
Sinha, K.

Letter to the editor - Silicon reference materials certified for isotope abundances, p. 617
Valkiers, S.; Debievre, P.; Lenaers, G.; Peiser, H.S.

Letter to the editor - Slovak Metrological Society, p. 621
Mandak, J.

Second Industry Workshop on Polymer Composite Processing - Gaithersburg, MD - May 18, 1990, p. 623
Chang, S.S.; Hunston, D.L.

Data Administration Management Association Symposium - Gaithersburg, MD - May 14-15, 1991, p. 633
Newton, J.

News briefs, p. 637

Issue 6 November 1991

Results of a CCPR intercomparison of spectral irradiance measurements by national laboratories, p. 647
Walker, J.H.; Saunders, R.D.; Jackson, J.K.; Mielenz, K.D.

Certification of SRM 1960 - Nominal 10 micrometer diameter polystyrene spheres (space beads), p. 669
Lettieri, T.R.; Hartman, A.W.; Hembree, G.G.; Marx, E.

Construction and calibration of the NIST large-area-source x-ray counting system, p. 693
Hutchinson, J.M.R.; Unterweger, M.P.; Hodge, P.A.

Simulators of superconductor critical current - design, characteristics, and applications, p. 703
Goodrich, L.F.; Srivastava, A.N.; Stauffer, T.C.

Molar heat capacity (Cv) for saturated and compressed liquid and vapor nitrogen from 65 to 300 K at pressures to 35 Mpa, p. 725
Magee, J.W.

A Standard Reference Material for calibration of the cup furnace smoke toxicity method for assessing the acute inhalation toxicity of combustion products, p. 741
Levin, B.C.; Paabo, M.; Schiller, S.B.

Investigation of the interaction of sodium chloride and two amino sulfonic acids, HEPES and MOPSO, by EMF measurements, p. 757
Wu, Y.C.; Feng, D.M.; Koch, W.F.

ISO/IEC Workshop on Worldwide Recognition of OSI Test Results - Gaithersburg, MD - May 6-8, 1991, p. 763
Nightingale, S.

Sixth International Conference on the Application of Standards for Open Systems - Gaithersburg, MD - October 2-4, 1990, p. 767
Radack, S.M.

News briefs, p. 771

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