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Journal of Research Volume 93

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 93

ISSN: 0160-1741

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6





Issue 1 January 1988

News briefs and reports, p. 1

The NBS scale of spectral irradiance, p. 7
Walker, J.H.; Saunders, R.D.; Jackson, J.K.; McSparron, D.A.

Radiometric calibrations of portable sources in the vacuum ultraviolet, p. 21
Klose, J.Z.; Bridges, J.M.; Ott, W.R.

Grid plate calibration at the National Bureau of Standards, p. 41
Doiron, T.D.

Phase meter calibration at NBS, p. 53
Turgel, R.S.

The application of flame spread theory to predict material performance, p. 61
Quintiere, J.G.

Computer Security Conference - A Report on the 10th National Computer Security Conference, Baltimore, Md, September 21-24, 1987, p. 71
Isaac, I.E.






Issue 2 March 1988




News briefs, p. 79

Measurement of the universal gas-constant R using a spherical acoustic resonator, p. 85
Moldover, M.R.; Trusler, J.P.M.; Edwards, T.J.; Mehl, J.B.; Davis, R.S.

A computer-controlled data acquisition-system for combustion calorimetric experiments, p. 145
Buckley, T.J.; Rukkers, J.M.

Partitioning of alkylbenzenes and aliphatic-alcohols between hexadecane and methanol-water mixtures, p. 161
Schantz, M.M.; Barman, B.N.; Martire, D.E.

Issue 3 May 1988

Accuracy in Trace Analysis Accomplishments, Goals, Challenges September 28 - October 1, 1987 Gaithersburg, MD, Foreword
Durst, R.A.; Hertz, H.S.; Velapoldi, R.A.

History of trace analysis, p. 175
Laitinen, H.A.

Trace analysis by degrees - An academic perspective, p. 187
Morrison, G.H.

Importance of quantitative trace analysis in industry today, p. 189
Bulkin, B.J.

The role of robotics in the laboratory of the 80s, p. 191
Little, James N.

Chemometrics and standards, p. 193
Currie, L.A.

Process analytical-chemistry, p. 207
Kowalski, B.R.

Expert systems and robotics, p. 209
Isenhour, T.L.; Marshall, J.C.

Accuracy in analysis - The role of standard reference materials, p. 213
Rasberry, S.D.

Accuracy in trace analysis. II. Considerations of the measurement process. Quality assurance and reference materials for trace analysis, p. 217
Kateman, G.

Design of cost-effective QC procedures for clinical-chemistry assays, p. 218
Westgard, J.O.

Statistical-models in quality-control for trace analysis, p. 221
Elder, R.S.

Quality-control in routine instrumental epithermal neutron-activation analysis of geological samples, p. 224
Lipponen, M.; Rosenberg, R.

Importance of chemical blanks and chemical-yields in accurate trace chemical-analysis, p. 228
Kelly, W.R.; Hotes, S.A.

The importance of quality assurance in trace analysis, p. 232
Taylor, J.K.

A new river sediment standard reference material, p. 234
Epstein, M.S.; Diamondstone, B.I.; Gills, T.E.; Adams, J.R.

U.S. EPA reference standards and quality assurance materials for the analysis of environmental pollutants, p. 237
Thompson, R.E.; Tuschall, J.R.; Anderson, T.M.

Characterization of high-purity silicides, p. 239
Seegopaul, P.; Williams, M.C.L.

Accuracy in the determination of chlorinated dibenzo-para-dioxins and dibenzofurans in environmental-samples, p. 241
Lamparski, L.L.; Nestrick, T.J.

Pharmaceutical trace analysis, p. 242
Aldrich, D.S.; Borchert, S.J.; Abe, A.; Freeman, J.E.

Organic microanalysis of submicrogram samples, p. 245
Hooker, D.B.; Dezwaan, J.

Ethyl carbamate analysis in fermented products - A comparison of measurements of mass-spectrometry, thermal-energy analyzer, and hall electrolytic conductivity detector, p. 249
Dennis, M.J.; Howarth, N.; Massey, R.C.; McWeeny, D.J.; Parker, I.; Scotter, M.; Startin, J.R.

Multicomponent analysis in static and flow systems using digital-filters, p. 253
Brown, S.D.; Barker, T.Q.; Wilk, H.R.; Monfre, S.L.

Evolutionary factor-analysis, p. 256
Schostack, K.; Parekh, P.; Patel, S.; Malinowski, E.R.

Chemometrics in Europe - Selected results, p. 257
Wegscheider, W.

Increased accuracy in the automated interpretation of large EPMA data sets by the use of an expert system, p. 260
Janssens, K.; Van Borm, W.; Van Espen, P.

Heteroscedastic calibration using analyzed reference materials as calibration standards, p. 264
Watters, R.L.; Carroll, R.J.; Spiegelman, C.H.

The role of the robot in the chemical laboratory, p. 267
Lochmuller, C.H.

Laboratory robotics in radiation environments, p. 268
Beugelsdijk, T.J.; Knobeloch, D.W.

Microwave acid sample decomposition for elemental analysis, p. 269
Kingston, H.M.; Jassie, L.B.

Solid-phase extraction on a small-scale, p. 274
Junk, G.A.; Richard, J.J.

Determination of tributyltin in the marine-environment, p. 277
Huggett, R.G.; Unger, M.A.; Espourteille, F.A.; Rice, C.D.

Analysis of gaseous and particle-associated PAH and nitroarenes in ambient air, p. 279
Arey, J.; Zielinska, B.; Atkinson, R.; Winer, A.M.

Pattern-recognition classification and identification of trace organic pollutants in ambient air from mass-spectra, p. 281
Scott, D.R.; Dunn, W.J.; Emery, S.L.

Annular denuders and filter packs designed to measure ambient levels of acidic and basic air-pollutants, p. 283
Stevens, R.K.

Measurement of sunlight-induced transient species in surface waters, p. 285
Haag, W.R.

Trace radiocarbon analysis of environmental-samples, p. 289
Sheffield, A.E.; Currie, L.A.; Klouda, G.A.

The use of cryogenic size-reduction to improve purgeable priority pollutant analyses in soil samples, p. 292
Phillips, J.H.; Potera, C.A.; Michalko, P.M.; Frost, J.H.

Determination of 3-quinuclidinyl benzilate in urine, p. 293
Byrd, G.D.; Sniegoski, L.T.; White, E.

Range-programming stripping voltammetry for determination of some metals in seawater, p. 296
Czae, M.Z.; Lee, J.H.

Computer-assisted pesticide and PCB identification system (CAPPIS), p. 298
Dierkes, J.E.

Sequential automated-analysis system for lower oxygenated organic-compounds in ambient air, p. 299
Watanabe, I.

Trace level quantitation of phenyltin compounds using HPTLC, p. 301
Brown, K.K.; Tomboulian, P.; Walters, S.M.

Determination of chromium(III) and chromium(VI) by ammonium pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate-methyl isobutyl ketone-furnace atomic-absorption spectrometry, p. 305
Subramanian, K.S.

Precision and bias of graphite-furnace analysis of environmental-samples, p. 307
Mckinney, G.L.

An instrument for determination of energy oxygen and BOD5, p. 311
Ciaccio, L.L.; Hameyer, K.

In situ filtration sampler for the measurement of trace-metals in precipitation, p. 312
Keller, B.J.

Quantitation of arsenic species in urine for exposure assessment studies, p. 315
Kalman, D.A.

Biological reference materials for trace-element analysis - What is new, p. 318
Versieck, J.; Vanballenberghe, L.; Dekesel, A.; Hoste, J.; Wallaeys, B.; Vandenhaute, J.

Detecting contamination or trends in the concentrations of trace-metals in marine environments, p. 321
Crecelius, E.A.

Determination of manganese in serum with Zeeman effect graphite-furnace atomic-absorption, p. 323
Paschal, D.C.; Bailey, G.G.

Appropriate reference parameters for the evaluation of elemental analysis data from biomedical specimens, p. 326
Iyengar, V.; Behne, D.

Ultra-trace elemental and isotopic quantification for neonatal nutrition studies, p. 328
Moore, L.J.; Parks, J.E.; Spaar, M.T.; Beekman, D.W.; Taylor, E.H.; Lorch, V.

Use of high-resolution GC/MS for obtaining accuracy in lipid measurements, p. 331
Savory, J.; Kinter, M.; Herold, D.A.; Hundley, J.C.; Wills, M.R.

Some atomic-absorption spectrometric applications to clinical-biomedical trace-metal analyses, p. 334
Berman, E.

Inaccuracies in clinical chemical-analysis, p. 336
Evenson, M.A.

Technical difficulties associated with the formation of C-11 labeled carboxylic-acids, p. 338
Landais, P.; Finn, R.

The development of definitive methods for organic serum constituents, p. 341
Welch, M.J.; Cohen, A.; Ellerbe, P.; Schaffer, R.; Sniegoski, L.T.; White, E.

Recent advances in the analysis of PCBs and pesticides in human adipose-tissue, p. 343
Peterson, J.C.; Robinson, P.

Trace ultratrace analyses of unstable compounds - Investigations on hydrazobenzene and azobenzene, p. 344
Ahuja, S.; Thompson, G.; Smith, J.

Trace-element speciation in food - A combined enzymolysis SEC-ICP-MS approach, p. 349
Crews, H.M.; Massey, R.; McWeeny, D.J.; Dean, J.R.

Trace-element determinations in biologicals using atomic-absorption spectrometry, p. 350
Miller-Ihli, N.J.

Reliable measurement of major, minor, and trace elemental nutrients, p. 354
Ihnat, M.

ICP-AES - a realistic assessment of its capabilities for food analysis, p. 358
Jones, J.W.

Development of multi-purpose biological reference materials, p. 360
Iyengar, V.; Tanner, J.; Wolf, W.; Zeisler, R.

Accurate measurement of vitamins in foods and tissues, p. 362
Thompson, J.N.

Effects of ionizing-radiation on nutrients in foods, p. 364
Thayer, D.W.; Fox, J.B.; Jenkins, R.K.; Ackerman, S.A.; Phillips, J.G.

Stable isotope-dilution GC MS for the quantification of food contaminants, p. 365
Gilbert, J.; Startin, J.R.

An isotope-dilution mass-spectrometric (IDMS) method for the determination of vitamin-C in milk, p. 367
Ellerbe, P.; Sniegoski, L.T.; Miller, J.M.; White, E.

Prospects for Trace Analysis in the Analytical Electron-Microscope, p. 369
Williams, D.B.

Accuracy in microanalysis by electron energy-loss spectroscopy, p. 372
Egerton, R.F.

Analysis at the atomic level - The atom probe field-ion microscope, p. 374
Miller, M.K.

Imaging microanalysis of materials with a finely focused heavy-ion probe, p. 377
Levi-Setti, R.; Chabala, J.; Wang, Y.L.

Synchrotron radiation excited fluorescence micro-analysis using a new imaging technique, p. 379
Knochel, A.; Bavdaz, M.; Gurker, N.; Ketelsen, P.; Petersen, W.; Salehi, M.H.; Dietrich, T.

Direct solids analysis using sputter initiated resonance ionization spectroscopy (Siris), p. 383
Parks, J.E.; Spaar, M.T.; Moore, L.J.; Fairbank, W.M.; Hutchinson, J.M.R.

The accuracy of surface-analyses, p. 387
Powell, C.J.

Depth profiling of trace constituents using secondary ion mass-spectrometry, p. 390
Magee, C.W.

Relative sensitivity and quantitation in glow-discharge mass-spectrometry - A progress report, p. 392
Huneke, J.C.

Applications of mass-spectrometry in polymer analysis - Use of GC-GC-high resolution MS to identify photodative and oxidative-degradation products of BPA-polycarbonate, p. 394
Ligon, W.V.; Factor, A.; May, R.J.

Analytical-chemistry and material purity in the semiconductor industry, p. 396
Seegopaul, P.

Determination of traces of uranium and thorium in microelectronics constituent materials, p. 398
Saisho, H.; Tanaka, M.; Nakamura, K.; Mori, E.

Multitechnique approach to trace characterization of high-purity materials - Gallium, p. 400
Gangadharan, S.; Natarajan, S.; Arunachalam, J.; Jaikumar, S.; Burangey, S.V.

Open tubular liquid-chromatography and the analysis of single neurons, p. 403
Jorgenson, J.W.; Kennedy, R.T.; St. Claire, R.L., III; White, J.G.; Dluzneski, P.R.; de Wit, J.S.M.

High-performance capillary electrophoresis, p. 406
Karger, B.L.

Supercritical fluid chromatography - Application to trace analysis, p. 409
Lee, M.L.; Djordjevic, N.; Markides, K.E.

Ion chromatography - From anions to metals, p. 411
Koch, W.F.

Quantification of toxic-chemicals in selected human-populations, p. 412
Holler, J.S.; Patterson, D.G.; Smith, S.J.

An evaluation of Jansson method to deconvolve overlapped gas-chromatographic peaks, p. 413
Crilly, P.B.

Inorganic trace analysis by isotope-dilution mass-spectrometry - New frontiers, p. 417
Fassett, J.D.

Applications of the reaction interface mass-spectrometer technique to the analysis of selected elements and nuclides from submicrogram quantities of biological macromolecules and xenobiotics, p. 419
Chace, D.H.; Abramson, F.P.

Alkylation of DNA invivo - Development of analytical methodology for trace quantitative-analysis, p. 419
Cooks, R.G.; Olear, J.R.; Chang, C.J.

Ion mobility spectrometry after chromatography - Accomplishments, goals, challenges, p. 425
Hill, H.H.; Eatherton, R.L.

Quantitative aspects of glow-discharge mass-spectrometry, p. 426
Sanderson, N.E.; Charalambous, P.; Hall, D.J.; Brown, R.

Studies of limit of detection on 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) by mass-spectrometry, p. 428
Lee, M.R.; Chang, S.C.; Kao, T.S.; Tang, C.P.

Absolute cross-section measurements in XQQ instruments - The NBS round robin, p. 431
Martinez, R.I.

Assessment of the analytical capabilities of inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry, p. 433
Taylor, H.E.; Garbarino, J.R.

Fluorescence spectrometric determination of nonfluorescent compounds via molecular fragmentation, p. 437
Wehry, E.L.

Enhanced multidimensional luminescence measurements through cyclodextrin complexation, p. 438
Warner, I.M.; Nelson, G.; Patonay, G.; Blyshak, L.; Neal, S.L.

High resolution nonlinear laser spectroscopy, p. 440
Wright, J.C.

Trace analysis of aromatic-compounds in natural samples by Shpolskii spectroscopy, p. 441
Garrigues, P.; Parlanti, E.; Ewald, M.

Sodium taurocholate micelles in fluorometric analysis, p. 443
McGown, L.B.; Nithipatikom, K.

Accuracy in furnace atomic-absorption spectroscopy, p. 445
Slavin, W.

Microwave induced plasmas as sources for atomic spectrometry, p. 447
Caruso, J.A.

Graphite-furnace AAS - Application of reduced palladium as a chemical modifier, p. 450
Shrader, D.E.; Beach, L.M.; Rettberg, T.M.

The determination of trace-elements in uranium oxide (U3O8) by inductively coupled plasma emission-spectrometry and graphite-furnace atomic-absorption spectrometry, p. 452
Santoliquido, P.M.

ICP trace-element analyses from fusion dissolution, p. 454
Brown, D.; Legere, G.; Burgener, P.

Automation and application of a direct-current plasma emission spectrometer, p. 458
Epstein, M.S.; Jenkins, R.E.; Epler, K.S.; O'Haver, T.C.

Flow injection inductively coupled plasma spectrometry - A new strategy for ultratrace analysis, p. 462
McLeod, C.W.; Zhang, Y.; Cook, I.; Cox, A.; Date, A.R.; Cheung, Y.Y.

Some applications of isotope analysis of lead in food by ICP-MS, p. 464
Crews, H.M.; Massey, R.C.; McWeeny, D.J.; Dean, J.R.; Ebdon, L.

Improving accuracy in graphite-furnace atomic-absorption spectrometry through peak shape monitoring, p. 467
Michaelis, M.; Wegscheider, W.; Ortner, H.M.

Analysis of trace-elements in methamphetamine hydrochloride by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry, p. 469
Kishi, T.

MeV ion-beam analysis, p. 473
Cookson, J.A.; Conlon, T.W.

Classical pitfalls in contemporary nuclear-data analysis, p. 479
Heydorn, K.

A uniform concept for error estimation in gamma-ray spectrometry, p. 481
Zagyvai, P.; Nagy, L.G.; Solymosi, J.

Accuracy in CPAA for C, N and O and in ERDA and NRA for H, p. 482
Nozaki, T.

A fast-neutron diagnostic probe, p. 484
Gordon, C.M.; Peters, C.W.; Olson, T.K.

Trace analyses of impurities in povidone by square-wave voltammetry, p. 487
Ianniello, R.M.

Voltammetric sensors using chemically active electrode materials, p. 488
Huber, C.O.

Adsorptive stripping voltammetry - A new electroanalytical avenue for trace analysis, p. 489
Wang, J.

Electrochemical enzyme-immunoassay, p. 491
Halsall, H.B.; Heineman, W.R.; Jenkins, S.H.; Wehmeyer, K.R.; Doyle, M.J.; Wright, D.S.

Stripping voltammetric assay of trace technetium with a topo coated glassy-carbon electrode, p. 493
Llosa, J.M.T.; Ruf, H.; Schorb, K.; Ache, H.J.

Electrochemical studies of dithiocarbamates and related-compounds, p. 496
Gomiscek, S.; Veber, M.; Francetic, V.; Durst, R.

Biochemical applications of chromatography/SIMS, p. 499
Busch, K.L.; Stanley, M.S.; Duffin, K.L.; Dunphy, J.C.

Chemi-luminescence detection in flowing streams - Immobilized and solid-state reagents, p. 501
Nieman, T.A.

Applications of lasers in bioanalytical chemistry, p. 502
Yeung, E.S.

Trace biogenic-amine analysis with pre-column derivatization and with fluorescent and chemi-luminescent detection in HPLC, p. 504
Kawasaki, T.; Wong, O.; Wang, C.; Kuwana, T.

Homogeneous electrochemical immunoassay using a chemically modified electrode, p. 506
Kannuck, R.; Bellama, J.M.; Durst, R.A.

Accuracy in quantitative electron-probe microanalysis, p. 509
Heinrich, K.F.J.

Quantitative secondary ion mass spectrometry, p. 510
Grasserbauer, M.

Quantitative compositional mapping on a micrometer scale, p. 518
Newbury, D.E.

Transferring accuracy to the trace level and then to the field, p. 520
De Bievre, P.






Issue 4 July 1988




News briefs, p. 527

An Improvement in the reliability of standard cell enclosures, p. 533
Field, B.F.; Ruimin, L.

The NBS vision system in the AMRF, p. 539
Nashman, M.; Chaconas, K.J.

International comparisons of pressure standards: A status-report, p. 545
Tilford, C.R.

Condensation method for humidity measurement in the UMR cloud simulation chamber, p. 551
Hagen, D.E.; White, D.R.; Alofs, D.J.

Precipitation of NH4UO2PO4.3H2O - Solubility and structural comparison with alkali uranyl(2+) phosphates, p. 557
Markovic, M.; Pavkovic, N.; Pavkovic, N.D.

Practical uncertainty limits to the mass determination of a piston-gage weight, p. 565
Davis, R.S.; Welch, B.E.

Issue 5 September 1988

News briefs, p. 573

Diffraction imaging (topography) with monochromatic synchrotron radiation, p. 577
Markovic, M.; Pavkovic, N.; Pavkovic, N.D.

Convective velocity effects on a thermistor in water, p. 603
Domen, S.R.

Octacalcium Phosphate Solubility Product from 4 to 37°C, p. 613
Tung, M.S.; Eidelman, N.; Sieck, B.; Brown, W.E.

Surface Metrology - A Report on the 4th International Conference on the Metrology and Properties of Engineering Surfaces, National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, MD, April 13-15, 1988, p. 625
Vorburger, T.V.

Issue 6 August-November 1988

The National Bureau of Standards becomes the National Institute of Standards and Technology, p. 635
Kessler, K.G.

News briefs, p. 637

Kinetic-studies using a highly sensitive microphone detector, p. 643
Braun, W.; Dagaut, P.; Cadoff, B.C.

Solvent-free injection in supercritical fluid chromatography using sintered glass deposition, p. 655
Bruno, T.J.

Enzyme-enhanced electrochemical immunoassay for phenytoin, p. 659
Umana, M.; Waller, J.; Wani, M.; Whisnant, C.; Cook, E.

Liposome-based flow-injection immunoassay system, p. 663
Locasciobrown, L.; Plant, A.L.; Durst, R.A.

Workshop on Microstructure and Macromolecular Research With Cold Neutrons - National-Bureau-of-Standards, Gaithersburg, Md, April 21-22, 1988, p. 667
Glinka, C.J.; Gotaas, J.A.; O'Connor, C.

United States-Japan Panel on Wind and Seismic Effects - National Bureau of Standards, Gaithersburg, Md, May 17-20, 1988, p. 671
Raufaste, N.J.

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