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Journal of Research Volume 92

Journal of Research of NBS

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 92

ISSN: 0160-1741

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1987

The continuity of the meter - the redefinition of the meter and the speed of visible-light, p. 11
Jennings, D.A.; Drullinger, R.E.; Evenson, K.M.; Pollock, C.R.; Wells, J.S.

The NBS scale of radiance temperature, p. 17
Waters, W.R.; Walker, J.H.; Hattenburg, A.T.

Detection and sizing of surface flaws with a squid-based eddy-current probe, p. 27
Moulder, J.C.; Capobianco, T.E.

Ideal gas thermodynamic functions for water, p. 35
Woolley, H.W.

Special report on electrical standards - Report on the 17th session of the Consultative Committee on Electricity, p. 55
Taylor, B.N.

Conference Report: Computer security - for today ... and for tomorrow, p. 63
Isaac, I.E.

Conference Report: Symposium on optical fiber measurements, p. 69
Day, G.W; Franzen, D.L.

Errata, p. 78

Issue 2 March 1987

News Briefs, p. 79

The 1986 CODATA recommended values of the fundamental physical constants, p. 85
Cohen, E.R.; Taylor, B.N.

Far ultraviolet detector standards, p. 97
Canfield, L.R.; Swanson, N.

Description of the thermotropic behavior of membrane bilayers in terms of raman spectral parameters - a 2-state model, p. 113
Kirchhoff, W.H.; Levin, I.W.

Free-field reciprocity calibration of microphones, p. 129
Burnett, E.D.; Nedzelnitsky, V.

Conference Report: Fundamental measurements on optically prepared atoms: a workshop, p. 153
Drullinger, R.E.

Issue 3 May 1987

News Briefs, p. 157

Two theories of experimental error, p. 167
Colclough, A.R.

Submicrometer linewidth metrology in the optical microscope, p. 187
Nyyssonen, D.; Larrabee, R.D.

Submicrometer microelectronics dimensional metrology: scanning electron microscopy, p. 205
Postek, M.T.; Joy, D.C.

Instrument-independent cad spectral databases: absolute cross-section measurements in QQQ instruments, p. 229
Martinez, R.I.; Dheandhanoo, S.

Note on the choice of a sensitivity weight in precision weighing, p. 239
Davis, R.S.

Conference Report: Measurement uncertainties: report of an international working group meeting, p. 243
Colle, R.; Karp, P.

Issue 4 July 1987

News Briefs and Reports, p. 247

Sinusoidal response of dc SQUIDs for rf power measurements, p. 253
Peterson, R.L.

Catalytic cracking as the basis for a potential detector for gas chromatography, p. 261
Bruno, T.J.

A finite element study of transient wave propagation in plates, p. 267
Sansalone, M.; Carino, N.J.; Hsu, N.N.

A finite element study of the interaction of transient stress waves with planar flaws, p. 279
Sansalone, M; Carino, N.J.; Hsu, N.N.

Conferences / Events: Report on the Interim Meeting of the National Conference on Weights and Measures, January 12-16, 1987, p. 291
Brickenkamp, Carroll S.

Conferences / Events: Fifteenth Plenary Meeting Of ISO/TC 108 On Mechanical Vibration And Shock, p. 293
Serbyn, M.R.

Issue 5 September 1987

News Briefs and Reports, p. 297

An automated potentiometric system for precision measurement of the quantized hall resistance, p. 303
Reedtz, G.M.; Cage, M.E.

The NBS large-area alpha-particle counting systems, p. 311
Hutchinson, J.M.R.; Bright, S.J.

Mossbauer imaging, p. 325
Norton, S.J.

International intercomparisons of photometric base units, p. 335
Mielenz, K.D.

Conferences / Events: 4th International Congress on Oxygen Radicals (4-ICOR), p. 339
Baum, M.

Conferences / Events: Conference on Standards and Trade, p. 341
Leight, W.G.

Issue 6 November 1987

News Briefs and Reports, p. 347

Transient impact response of thick circular plates, p. 355
Sansalone, M.; Carino, N.J.

Transient impact response of plates containing flaws, p. 369
Sansalone, M.; Carino, N.J.

A low noise cascode amplifier, p. 383
Jefferts, S.R.; Walls, F.L.

Conferences / Events: International standards for nondestructive testing - a report on the 6th plenary meeting of ISO TC 135, Yokohama, Japan, May 11-15, 1987, p. 387
Mordfin, L.

Conferences / Events: SUPERCONDUCTIVITY: CHALLENGE FOR THE FUTURE - Federal Conference on Commercial Applications of Superconductivity, Washington, DC, July 28-29, 1987, p. 391 Kamper, R.A.; Clark, A.F.

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