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Journal of Research Volume 90

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 90

ISSN: 0160-1741

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6





Issue 1 January 1985

Development of a one-micrometer-diameter particle size Standard Reference Material, p. 3
Mulholland, G.W.; Hartman, A.W.; Hembree, G.G.; Marx, E.; Lettieri, T.R.

Stable law densities and linear relaxation phenomena, p. 27
Dishon, M.; Weiss, G.H.; Bendler, J.T.

An automated coupled-column liquid chromatography system for measuring aqueous solubilities of hydrophobic solutes, p. 41
Owens, J.W.; Devoe, H.; Buckley, T.J.; Wasik, S.P.

Conference Report: Fiber Optics Emphasis on Single Mode, p. 49
Franzen, D.L.; Day, G.W.

Conference Report: Promises of Large-Scale Computation, p. 49
Buzbee, B.L.; Raveche, H.J.

Issue 2 March 1985

New results from previously reported NBS fundamental constant determinations, p. 91
Taylor, B.N.

Standards for measurement of the critical fields of superconductors, p. 95
Fickett, F.R.

Spectral transmittance characteristics of holmium oxide in perchloric acid solution, p. 115
Weidner, V.R.; Mavrodineanu, R.; Mielenz, K.D.; Velapoldi, R.A.; Eckerle, K.L.; Adams, B.

An apparatus for direct fugacity measurements on mixtures containing hydrogen, p. 127
Bruno, T.J.

Conference Report: Programs considered in radiation instruments and laboratory system, p. 139
Eisenhower, E.H.

Issue 3 May 1985

Comparison of solid density standards between IMGC and NBS, p. 217
Peuto, A.; Davis, R.S.

Production rates for oxyfluorides SOF2, SO2F2, and SOF4 in SF6 corona discharges, p. 229
Vanbrunt, R.J.

A high temperature, high pressure reaction-screening apparatus, p. 255
Bruno, T.J.; Hume, G.L.

Conference Report: Ways to standardization in electrophoresis are brought to light, p. 259
Reeder, D.J.

Issue 4 July 1985

Recalibration of the U.S. national prototype kilogram, p. 263
Davis, R.S.

A density comparison of silicon artifacts between NML (Australia) and NBS (U.S.), p. 285
Patterson, J.B.; Davis, R.S.

Mass comparator for in-situ calibration of large mass standards, p. 289
Schoonover, R.M.

Determination of the enthalpies of combustion and formation of substituted triazines in an adiabatic rotating bomb calorimeter, p. 295
Johnson, W.H.; Prosen, E.J.

Metrics and techniques to measure microcomputer productivity, p. 305
Osborne, W.M.; Rosenthal, L.

Conference Report: Field effects on rydberg atoms, p. 319
Cooper, J.W.; Clark, C.W.

Conference Report: International assembly discusses mechanisms of dna damage, repair, p. 321
Simic, M.G.

Conference Report: Microbes play a considerable role in corrosion, p. 327
Iverson, W.P.

Issue 5 September 1985

Note on weighings carried out on the NBS-2 balance, p. 331
Carre, P.; Davis, R.S.

Thermodynamics of solution of SO2(g) in water and of aqueous sulfur dioxide solutions, p. 341
Goldberg, R.N.; Parker, V.B.

SRM 1970: succinonitrile triple-point standard - a temperature reference standard near 58.08°C, p. 359
Mangum, B.W.; El-Sabban, S.

Performance assessment of automatic speech recognizers, p. 371
Pallett, D.S.

Conference Report: Chemical kinetics - theory and experiment, p. 389
Herron, J.T.; Tsang, W.

Issue 6 November 1985

Topical issue: chemometrics, p. 391
Oser, H.J.

Jack Youden, p. 393
Ku, H.H.; Devoe, J.R.

The Organizers' Goals, p. 395
Spiegelman, C.H.; Watters, Jr. R.L.; Sacks, J.

Agenda for chemometricians, p. 397
Hunter, W.G.

Adaptive Kalman Filtering, p. 403
Brown, S.D.; Rutan, S.C.

The limitations of models and measurements as revealed through chemometric intercomparison, p. 409
Currie, L.A.

The limitations of models and measurements as revealed through chemometric intercomparison - Discussion, p. 419
Gleser, L.J.

Statistical properties of a procedure for analyzing pulse voltammetric data, p. 423
Lane, T.P.; O'dea, J.J.; Osteryoung, J.

Statistical properties of a procedure for analyzing pulse voltammetric data - Discussion, p. 430
Osteryoung, J.

Fitting first order kinetic models quickly and easily, p. 433
Bates, D.M.; Watts, D.G.

Multiresponse estimation with special applications to first order kinetics - Discussion, p. 438
Frenklach, M.

The use of Kalman filtering and correlation techniques in analytical calibration procedures, p. 441
Smit, H.C.

The use of Kalman filtering and correlation techniques in analytical calibration procedures - Discussion, p. 451
Lambert, D.

Intelligent instrumentation, p. 453
Harper, A.M.; Liebman, S.A.

Intelligent instrumentation - Discussion, p. 464
Beckman, R.J.

The regression analysis of collinear data, p. 465
Mandel, J.

The regression analysis of collinear data - Discussion, p. 477
Gerlach, R.W.

Optimization, p. 479
Deming, S.N.

Optimization - Discussion, p. 483
Bayne, C.K.

Strategies for the reduction and interpretation of multicomponent spectral data, p. 487
Warner, I.M.; Neal, S.L.; Rossi, T.M.

Some new ideas in the analysis of screening designs, p. 495
Box, G.; Meyer, R.D.

Some new ideas in the analysis of screening designs - Discussion, p. 501
Nair, V.; Frenklach, M.

Polymers and random walks - renormalization group description and comparison with experiment, p. 503
Freed, K.F.

Fourier representations of pdf's arising in crystallography, p. 507
Weiss, G.H.; Shmueli, U.

Fourier representations of pdf's arising in crystallography - Discussion, p. 513
Prince, E.

Aggregated Markov processes and channel gating kinetics, p. 517
Fredkin, D.R.; Rice, J.A.

Automated pattern recognition: self-generating expert systems for the future, p. 521
Isenhour, T.L.

Regression analysis of compartmental models, p. 525
Lai, T.L.

Regression analysis of compartmental models - Discussion, p. 530
Peng, T.H.

Measurement and control of information content in electrochemical experiments, p. 531
Perone, S.P.; Ham, C.L.

Measurement and control of information content in electrochemical experiments - Discussion, p. 539
Chernoff, H.

Pattern recognition studies of complex chromatographic data sets, p. 543
Jurs, P.C.; Lavine, B.K.; Stouch, T.R.

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