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Journal of Research Volume 89

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 89

ISSN: 0160-1741

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6





Issue 1 January 1984

Scientific Aspects of Non-Destructive Evaluation, p. 1
Cooper, J.W.

Surface Roughness Studies with DALLAS-Detector Array for Laser Light Angular Scattering, p. 3
Vorburger, T.V.; Teague, E.C.; Scire, F.E.; Mclay, M.J.; Gilsinn, D.E.

Microstructural Characterization of Ceramic Materials by Small Angle Neutron Scattering Techniques, p. 17
Hardman-Rhyne, K.; Berk, N.F.; Fuller, E.R.

Characterization of Creep Damage in Metals Using Small Angle Neutron Scattering, p. 35
Fuller, E.R.; Fields, R.J.; Chuang, T.J.; Singhal, S.

Impedance of a Coil in the Vicinity of a Crack, p. 47
Kahn, A.H.

Theory of Acoustic Emission From Phase Transformations, p. 55
Simmons, J.A.; Wadley, H.N.G.

Reconstructing Internal Temperature Distributions from Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight Tomography and Dimensional Resonance Measurements, p. 65
Norton, S.J.; Testardi, L.R.; Wadley, H.N.G.

Acoustic Emission: Establishing the Fundamentals, p. 75
Eitzen, D.G.; Wadley, H.N.G.

Issue 2 March 1984

Hollow Cathode Discharges - Analytical Applications, p. 143
Mavrodineanu, R.

An Iterative Calibration Curve Procedure, p. 187
Spiegelman, C.H.

Determination of the Viscoelastic Shear Modulus Using Forced Torsional Vibrations, p. 193
Magrab, E.B.

An Ultrasonic Absolute Power Transfer Standard, p. 209
Fick, S.E.; Breckenridge, F.R.; Tschiegg, C.E.; Eitzen, D.G.

Issue 3 May 1984

Pressure-Volume-Temperature Relationships for Normal Deuterium Between 18.7 and 21.0 K, p. 227
Schwalbe, L.A.; Grilly, E.R.

An Equilibrium Model for the Calculation of Activity and Osmotic Coefficients in Aqueous Solutions, p. 251
Goldberg, R.N.

An Absolute Electric Current Probe Based on the Faraday Effect, p. 265
Caton, W.; Katzenstein, J.

A Head-Space Method for Measuring Activity Coefficients, Partition Coefficients, and Solubilities of Hydrocarbons in Saline Solutions, p. 273
Wasik, S.P.; Schwarz, F.P.; Tewari, Y.B.; Miller, M.M.; Purnell, J.H.

Issue 4 July 1984

Exposure Standardization of Iodine-125 Seeds Used for Brachytherapy, p. 295
Loftus, T.P.

Stability of Small industrial Platinum Resistance Thermometers, p. 305
Mangum, B.W.

Thermal Expansion of Liquid Normal Hydrogen Between 18.8 and 22.2 K, p. 317
Schwalbe, L.A.; Grilly, E.R.

Issue 5 September 1984

Evaluation of Some High-Temperature Platinum Resistance Thermometers, p. 349
Evans, J.P.

Automated High-Temperature PVT Apparatus with Data for Propane, p. 375
Straty, G.C.; Palavra, A.M.F.

Radio Propagation in a Coal Seam and the Inverse Problem, p. 385
Hill, D.A.

A Report on the National Bureau of Standards pH Standards, p. 395
Wu, Y.C.; Koch, W.F.; Marinenko, G.

Issue 6 November 1984

Indentation Fractography: A Measure of Brittleness, p. 435
Lawn, B.R.; Marshall, D.B.

Controlled Indentation Flaws for the Construction of Toughness and Fatigue Master Maps, p. 453
Cook, R.F.; Lawn, B.R.

The Interactions of Composition and Stress in Crystalline Solids, p. 467
Larche, F.C.; Cahn, J.W.

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