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Journal of Research Volume 80A

Journal of Research of NBS, Section A: Physics and Chemistry

The Journal of Research of NIST (and its predecessors) reports NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 80A

ISSN: 0022-4332

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5-6

Issue 1 January 1976

Line strengths and lifetimes of levels in neutral uranium, p. 1
Corliss, Charles H.

Optical properties of nuclear matter, p. 9
O'Connell, J.S.

A study of the polarization of fluorescence of ordered systems with application to ordered liquid crystals, p. 15
Cehelnik, E.D.; Mielenz, K.D.; Cundall, R.B.

PVT and vapor pressure measurements on ethane, p. 35
Straty, G.C.; Tsumura, R.

Functional equations for the enhancement factors for CO2-free moist air, p. 41
Greenspan, Lewis

Experimental values for the elastic constants of a particulate-filled glassy polymer, p. 45
Smith, Jack C.

Heat capacities of polyethylene. IV. High molecular weight linear polyethylene, p. 51
Chang, Shu-Sing

Computer simulation of metastable fluid states in the Lennard-Jones system, p. 59
Raveche, Harold J.; Streett, William B.

Relative enthalpy of solid beryllium aluminate (chrysoberyl), BeO ⋅ Al2O3, from 1175 to 2025 K, and of liquid beryllium aluminate from 2170 to 2350 K, p. 65
Ishihara, S.; West, E.D.

Issue 2 March 1976

Extinction coefficients of NO2 and N2O4, p. 143
Bass, Arnold M.; Ledford, Albert E.; Laufer, Allan H.

A study of the chemiluminescence of the Pb + O3 reactions, p. 167
Kurylo, M.J.; Braun, W.; Abramowitz, S.; Krauss, M.

Structure- and solvent-property relationships for the electronic energies of charge-transfer complexes between certain benzene derivatives, p. 173
Argentar, Harold

Bidirectional reflectometry. Part I. A high resolution laser bidirectional reflectometer with results on several optical coatings, p. 189
Hsia, Jack J.; Richmond, Joseph C.

Bidirectional reflectometry. Part II. Bibliography on scattering by reflection from surfaces, p. 207
Richmond, Joseph C.; Hsia, Jack J.

Energy levels, classified lines, and Zeeman effect of neutral thorium, p. 221
Zalubas, Romuald

Issue 3 May 1976

Fluorescence quantum yield measurements, p. 389
Birks, J.B.

Some methods of luminescence efficiency measurements, p. 401
Bril, Alfred; de Jager-Veenis, A.W.

On the actinometric measurement of absolute luminescence quantum yields, p. 409
Demas, J.N.; Blumenthal, B.H.

The calorimetric detection of excited states, p. 413
Callis, James B.

Fluorescence efficiency of laser dyes, p. 421
Drexhage, K.H.

Oscillator strengths for lines of ionized uranium (UII), p. 429
Corliss, Charles H.

Cancer detection by NMR in the living animal, p. 439
Weisman, I.D.; Bennett, L.H.; Maxwell, L.R.; Henson, D.E.

Modulus of natural rubber cross-linked by dicumyl peroxide. III. Some molecular interpretations, possible refinements of theory, and conclusions, p. 451
Wood, Lawrence A.

Calculations of configurations of doubly ionized copper (Cu III), p. 465
Sugar, J; Martin, W.C.

The International Practical Temperature Scale of 1968 in the region 90.188 K to 903.89 K as maintained at the National Bureau of Standards, p. 477
Furukawa, George T.; Riddle, John L.; Bigge, William R.

Vapor pressure of water at its triple point, p. 505
Guildner, L.A; Johnson, D.P; Jones, F.E.

Issue 4 July 1976

Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy; applications, standards, and calibration (with special reference to chromatography), p. 551
Frei, R.W.

The interpretation of diffuse reflectance spectra, p. 567
Hecht, Harry G.

Calibration of reflectance standards, p. 585
Budde, W.

Understanding bidirectional reflectance and transmission for space applications, p. 597
Schutt, John B.

Standardization of light scattering measurement in conjunction with immunochemical analysis, p. 605
Buffone, Gregory J.

Errors in spectrophotometry and calibration procedures to avoid them, p. 609
Reule, A.G.

Standardization in transmission spectrophotometry in the visible and ultraviolet spectral regions, p. 625
Robertson, A.R.

Acidic potassium dichromate solutions as ultraviolet absorbance standards, p. 631
Burke, R.W.; Mavrodineanu, R.

Considerations for the use of semi-transparent metallic thin films as potential transmittance standards in spectrophotometry, p. 637
Mavrodineanu, R.

Structure-related optical characteristics of thin metallic films in the visible and ultraviolet, p. 643
Bennett, H.E.; Stanford, J.L.

Measurement of melting point and radiance temperature (at melting point and at 653 nm) of hafnium-3 (wt %) zirconium by a pulse heating method, p. 659
Cezairliyan, A.; McClure, J.L.

Nationwide survey of 60Co teletherapy dosimetry, p. 663
Ehrlich, Margarete; Welter, Gary L.

A self-balancing nanovolt potentiometric system for thermometry and calorimetry, p. 669
Chang, Shu-Sing

Issue 5-6 September 1976

Deviation of international practical temperatures from thermodynamic temperatures in the temperature range from 273.16 K to 730 K, p. 703
Guildner, L.A.; Edsinger, R.E.

Measurements of the specific heats, Cs, and Cv, of dense gaseous and liquid ethane, p. 739
Roder, Hans M.

Phase equilibria and crystal growth in the alkali antimonate systems Sb2O4-NaSbO3, Sb2O4-KSbO3, and Sb2O4-NaSbO3-NaF, p. 761
Waring, J.L.; Roth, R.S.; Parker, H.S.; Brower, W.S.

Vapor pressure formulation for water in range 0 to 100°C. A revision, p. 775
Wexler, Arnold

Revised lifetimes of energy levels in neutral iron, p. 787
Corliss, C.H.; Tech, J.L.

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