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Journal of Research Volume 79A

Journal of Research of NBS, Section A: Physics and Chemistry

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 79A

ISSN: 0022-4332

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1975

Polarization effects on fluorescence measurements, p. 1
Cehelnik, E.D.; Mielenz, K.D.; Velapoldi, R.A.

The iron-neon hollow-cathode spectrum, p. 17
Crosswhite, H.M.

Equation of state for thermodynamic properties of fluids, p. 71
Goodwin, Robert D.

Thermodynamic studies of the α → β phase transformation in zirconium using a subsecond pulse heating technique, p. 81
Cezairliyan, A.; Righini, F.

Issue 2 March 1975

Thermal conductivity of gases. III. Some values of thermal conductivities of argon, helium, and nitrogen from 0 °C to 75 °C at pressures of 1 x 105 to 2.5 x 107 pascals, p. 407
Guildner, Leslie A.

On the differential cross section for x-ray inelastic scattering, p. 415
Kuriyama, Masao

Simplification of van der Poel's formula for the shear modulus of a particulate composite, p. 419
Smith, Jack C.

The enthalpies of combustion and formation of nicotinic acid and creatinine, p. 425
Johnson, Walter H.

Simultaneous measurements of specific heat, electrical resistivity, and hemispherical total emittance by a pulse heating technique: hafnium-3 (wt. %) zirconium, 1500 to 2400 K, p. 431
Cezairliyan, A.; McClure, J.L.

Heat capacities of polyethylene. III. One linear and one branched sample from 5 to 350 K, p. 437
Chang, Shu-Sing; Westrum, Edgar F.; Carlson, H.G.

Issue 3 May 1975

The enthalpies of combustion and formation of ortho- and parafluorobenzoic acid, p. 481
Johnson, Walter H.; Prosen, Edward J.

The enthalpies of combustion and formation of acetanilide and urea, p. 487
Johnson, Walter H.

The enthalpies of combustion and formation of cholesterol [cholest-5-en-3-ol (3β)], p. 493
Johnson, Walter H.

The third spectrum of copper (cu III), p. 497
Shenstone, A.G.

Issue 4 July 1975

Radiance temperature (at 653 nm) of iron at its melting point, p. 541
Cezairliyan, A.; McClure, J.L.

Precision measurements of the dimensional stability of four mirror materials, p. 545
Justice, B.

A correlation for the second interaction virial coefficients and enhancement factors for moist air, p. 551
Hyland, R.W.

The enthalpies of combustion and formation of thianthrene, p. 561
Johnson, Walter H.

Unbound water content from application of adsorption theory, p. 565
Loebenstein, William V.

Issue 5 September 1975

Surface films on poly(oxymethylene) single crystals, p. 609
Jones, Janice B.; Geil, P.H.

On the origin of the amorphous component in polymer single crystals and the nature of the fold surface, p. 613
Hoffman, John D.; Davis, G.T.

Some thermodynamic properties of bromobenzene from 0 to 1500 K, p. 619
Masi, Joseph F.; Scott, Russell B.

Relativistic effects on line strengths for transitions in the hydrogenic isoelectronic sequence, p. 629
Younger, S.M.; Weiss, A.W.

The enthalpies of combustion and formation of 2,2'-dichloroethyl sulfide, p. 635
Johnson, Walter H.

Barothermal theory of two devices for measuring absorption coefficients, p. 641
Bennett, H.S.

Issue 6 November 1975

On the growth rate of spherulites and axialites from the melt in polyethylene fractions: Regime I and regime II crystallization, p. 671
Hoffman, John D.; Frolen, Lois J.; Ross, Gaylon S.; Lauritzen, John I.

Homogeneous nucleation in polyethylene: Molecular weight dependence, p. 701
Ross, Gaylon S.; Frolen, Lois J.

Absolute isotopic abundance ratios and the atomic weight of a reference sample of potassium, p. 713
Garner, E.L.; Murphy, T.J.; Gramlich, J.W.; Paulsen, P.J.; Barnes, I.L.

Absolute isotopic abundance ratios and the atomic weight of a reference sample of silicon, p. 727
Barnes, I.L.; Moore, L.J.; Machlan, L.A.; Murphy, T.J.; Shields, W.R.

Absolute determination of the electrochemical equivalent and the atomic weight of zinc. I. Method, apparatus, and preliminary experiments, p. 737
Marinenko, George; Foley, Robert T.

Absolute determination of the electrochemical equivalent and the atomic weight of zinc. II. Final determination, p. 747
Marinenko, George; Foley, Robert T.

The use of synchrotron radiation as an absolute source of VUV radiation, p. 761
Ederer, D.L.; Saloman, E.B.; Ebner, S.C.; Madden, R.P.

Corrections to paper entitled "Third Virial Coefficient for Air-Water Vapor Mixtures," p. 775
Hyland, R.W.; Mason, E.A.

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