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Journal of Research Volume 77A

Journal of Research of NBS, Section A: Physics and Chemistry

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 77A

ISSN: 0022-4332

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1973

Spectrum and energy levels of neutral thulium, p. 1
Sugar, J.; Meggers, W.F.; Camus, P.

Simultaneous measurement of specific heat, electrical resistivity, and hemispherical total emittance of niobium-1 (wt. %) zirconium alloy in range 1500 to 2700 K by a transient (subsecond) technique, p. 45
Cezairliyan, Ared

Theory of disclinations: II. Continuous and discrete disclinations in anisotropic elasticity, p. 49
deWit, R.

Photochemistry of methane in the photoionization region, p. 101
Rebbert, R.E.; Ausloos, P.

Radiolysis of methane. Formation of acetylene, p. 109
Rebbert, R.E.; Ausloos, P.

The enhancement of water vapor in carbon dioxide-free air at 30, 40, and 50 °C, p. 115
Hyland, Richard W.; Wexler, Arnold

The second interaction (cross) virial coefficient for moist air, p. 133
Hyland, Richard W.; Wexler, Arnold

Solubility and surface properties of finely divided hydroxyapatite, p. 149
Avnimelech, Y.; Moreno, E.C.; Brown, W.E.

Pyrolysis of anionic and thermally prepared polystyrenes, p. 157
Wall, Leo A.; Straus, Sidney; Florin, Roland E.; Fetters, Lewis J.

Modulus of natural rubber cross-linked by dicumyl peroxide. II. Comparison with theory, p. 171
Wood, Lawrence A.

Issue 2 March 1973

An adiabatic solution calorimeter and measurements of a standard reaction for solution calorimetry, p. 179
Prosen, Edward J.; Kilday, Marthada V.

The enthalpy of solution of low quartz (a-quartz) in aqueous hydrofluoric acid, p. 205
Kilday, Marthada V.; Prosen, Edward J.

Enthalpies of solution of BeO(c) in HF(aq) and in HCl(aq), p. 217
Kilday, M.V.; Prosen, E.J.; Wagman, D.D.

The enthalpies of formation of BeO(c) and BeF2(c), p. 227
Parker, Vivian B.

Vapor pressure and heat of sublimation of tungsten, p. 237
Plante, E.R.; Sessoms, A.B.

Gas phase far ultraviolet photolysis and radiolysis of vinyl chloride, p. 243
Ausloos, P.; Rebbert, R.E.; Wijnen, M.H.J.

Pulse radiolysis of methane, p. 249
Rebbert, R.E.; Lias, S.G.; Ausloos, P.

Relation of vitron theory to 2-layer-liquid immiscibility in binary silicate and borate glass melts, p. 259
Tilton, Leroy W.

Issue 3 May 1973

The International Practical Temperature Scale of 1968 in region 13.81 K to 90.188 K as maintained at the National Bureau of Standards, p. 309
Furukawa, George T.; Riddle, John L.; Bigge, William R.

Radiance temperature of niobium at its melting point, p. 333
Cezairliyan, Ared

An experimental search for gaseous reactivity between AlF3 and HF near 1200 K, p. 341
Douglas, Thomas B.; Krause, Ralph F.

A numerical solution of the integral equation describing a photometric integrating sphere, p. 343
Brown, Robert L.

Crystallization of random copolymers, p. 353
Sanchez, Isaac C.; Eby, R.K.

Theory of disclinations: III. Continuous and discrete disclinations in isotropic elasticity, p. 359
deWit, Roland

Compressive fatigue coaxing in composites, p. 369
Berg, C.A.; Salama, M.

Issue 4 May 1973

The Thermodynamic Kelvin Temperature Scale from 273.15 K to 415 K, p. 383
Guildner, Leslie A.; Edsinger, Robert E.

An alumina standard reference material for resonance frequency and dynamic elastic moduli measurement. II. Characteristic values for use from 25 °C to 1000 °C, p. 391
Dickson, Robert W.; Schreiber, Edward

Heat capacities of polyethylene from 2 to 360 K. I. Standard samples of linear and branched polyethylene whole polymer, p. 395
Chang, S.S.; Bestul, A.B.

The quasi-harmonic approximation and a generalized Grüneisen equation of state, p. 407
Mopsik, Frederick I.

Valence resonance states of N-2, p. 411
Krauss, M.; Neumann, D.

Internal electric fields near isolated defects in ionic crystals, p. 413
Bennett, Herbert S.

Wavelengths and energy levels of the second spectrum of cerium (Ce II), p. 419
Corliss, Charles H.

Issue 5 September 1973

Enthalpies of precipitation of silver halides; entropy of the aqueous silver ion, p. 569
Wagman, Donald D.; Kilday, Marthada V.

Enthalpies of reaction of tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane in HCl(aq) and in NaOH(aq), p. 581
Prosen, Edward J.; Kilday, Marthada V.

The enthalpy of reaction of tris(hydroxymethyl)-aminomethane with hydrochloric acid, p. 599
Brunetti, Anthony P.; Prosen, Edward J.; Goldberg, Robert N.

Theory of disclinations: IV. Straight disclinations, p. 607
deWit, Roland

Optical properties of U centers in alkali halides and alkaline earth fluorides, p. 659
Bennett, Herbert S.

Air flow rate as a test for gage block wringing, p. 667
Guildner, L.A.; Anderson, R.L.; Edsinger, R.E.

Low frost-point humidity generator, p. 671
Greenspan, Lewis

Issue 6 November 1973

Absolute isotopic abundance ratio and atomic weight of a reference sample of rhenium, p. 691
Gramlich, John W.; Murphy, Thomas J.; Garner, Ernest L.; Shields, William R.

Reflection correction for high accuracy transmittance measurements on filter glasses, p. 699
Mielenz, K.D.; Mavrodineanu, R.

Temperature-pressure phase relationships in niobium pentoxide, p. 705
Waring, J.L.; Roth, R.S.; Parker, H.S.

Nuclear magnetic resonance of 113Cd and 199Hg in Cd-Mg and Cd-Hg solid solutions, p. 713
Zhukov, V.V.; Weisman, I.D.; Bennett, L.H.

The pair correlation function in liquid 4He, p. 725
Mountain, Raymond D.; Raveche, Harold J.

Molecular basis of flame inhibition, p. 733
Hastie, J.W.

The effect of temperature and pressure on the refractive index of some oxide glasses, p. 755
Waxler, Roy M.; Cleek, G.W.

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