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Journal of Research Volume 76A

Journal of Research of NBS, Section A: Physics and Chemistry

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 76A

ISSN: 0022-4332

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1972

The absorption spectra of krypton and xenon in the wavelength range 330-600 Ȧ, p. 1
Codling, K.; Madden, R.P.

A reference calorimeter for laser energy measurements, p. 13
West, E.D.; Case, W.E.; Rasmussen, A.L.; Schmidt, L.B.

Accurate calculations of properties of the two-tube electrostatic lens. I. Improved digital methods for the precise calculation of electric fields and trajectories, p. 27
Natali, S.; Di Chio, D.; Kuyatt, C.E.

Dielectric constant of compressed gaseous and liquid oxygen, p. 37
Younglove, B.A.

Thermal analysis of calcium sulfate dihydrate and supposed α and β forms of calcium sulfate hemihydrate from 25 to 500 °C, p. 41
Clifton, James R.

Modulus of natural rubber cross-linked by dicumyl peroxide. I. Experimental observations, p. 51
Wood, Lawrence A.; Bullman, George W.; Decker, George E.

Issue 2 March 1972

Guidelines for the reporting of numerical data and experimental procedures, p. 67
Garvin, David

A study of equilibrium in argon arcs, p. 71
Shumaker, J.B.; Popenoe, C.H.

Rates of reaction of atomic oxygen. III. Spiropentane, cyclopentane, cyclohexane, and cycloheptane, p. 77
Huie, Robert E.; Herron, John T.

Densities of compressed liquid methane, and the equation of state, p. 81
Goodwin, Robert D.; Prydz, Rolf

Spin-relaxation effects on the EPR spectrum of gaseous hydrogen atoms, p. 103
Brown, Robert L.

Photoionization of C4H8+ isomers. Unimolecular and biomolecular reactions of C4H8+ ions, p. 115
Sieck, L.W.; Lias, S.G.; Hellner, L.; Ausloos, P.

Theoretical investigation of the odd configurations of Ni II .*, p. 125
Shadmi, Y.; Caspi, E.

The characterization of linear polyethylene SRM 1475. I. Introduction, p. 137
Hoeve, C.A.J.; Wagner, Herman L.; Verdier, Peter H.

The characterization of linear polyethylene SRM 1475. II. Determination of total methyl content by infrared spectrophotometry, p. 141
Brown, James E.

The characterization of linear polyethylene SRM 1475. III. Density determination, p. 143
Brown, James E.

The characterization of linear polyethylene SRM 1475. IV. Melt flow rate, p. 145
Maurey, John R.

The characterization of linear polyethylene SRM 1475. V. Solution viscosity measurements, p. 147
Christensen, Richard G.

The characterization of linear polyethylene SRM 1475. VI. Preparation of calibrating fractions, p. 149
Christensen, Richard G.

The characterization of linear polyethylene SRM 1475. VII. Differential refractive index of polyethylene solutions, p. 151
Wagner, Herman L.

The characterization of linear polyethylene SRM 1475. VIII. Light-scattering studies on polyethylenes in 1-chloronaphthalene, p. 156
Frolen, Lois J.; Ross, Gaylon S.; Wims, Andrew M.; Verdier, Peter H.

The characterization of linear polyethylene SRM 1475. IX. Number average molecular weight of fractions by membrane osmometry, p. 161
Brown, James E.; Verdier, Peter H.

The characterization of linear polyethylene SRM 1475. X. Gel permeation chromatography, p. 163
Ross, Gaylon; Frolen, Lois

Issue 3 May 1972

Thermodynamics of standard cells of the saturated cadmium sulfate type, p. 185
Hamer, Walter J.

An improved state equation in the vicinity of the critical point, p. 207
Verbeke, Olav B.

Dilute solution theory of polymer crystal growth: Fractionation effects, p. 213
Sanchez, Isaac C.; DiMarzio, Edmund A.

The formation of curved polymer crystals: Poly(4-methylpentene-1), p. 225
Khoury, F.; Barnes, J.D.

Photoionization of propylene, cyclopropane, and ethylene. The effect of internal energy on the bimolecular reactions of C2H4+ and C3H6+, p. 253
Sieck, L.W.; Ausloos, P.

Low temperature thermocouples: KP, "normal" silver, and copper versus Au-0.02 at% Fe and Au-0.07 at% Fe, p. 263
Sparks, Larry L.; Powell, Robert L.

Infrared spectra of cerium (Ce I and Ce II) between 0.8 and 2.4 µm, p. 285
Verges, J.; Corliss, C.H.; Martin, W.C.

Issue 4 July 1972

The EMF-temperature coefficient of "acid" standard cells of the saturated cadmium sulfate type from 15 to 40 °C, p. 321
Hamer, Walter J.; Skapars, Anna; Field, Bruce F.

Pulse radiolysis of neopentane in the gas phase, p. 329
Rebbert, R.E.; Ausloos, P.

Anatomy and thermal history of laser self-focusing damage tracks in glass, p. 337
Haller, Wolfgang; Simmons, Joseph H.

Normal emissivity of an isothermal, diffusely reflecting cylindrical cavity (with top) as a function of inside radius, p. 347
Fussell, W.B.

Lattice vibrations of antiparallel chain sheet structures, p. 351
Fanconi, Bruno M.

Issue 5 September 1972

High accuracy spectrophotometry at the National Physical Laboratory, p. 375
Clarke, F.J.J.

An accurate spectrophotometer for measuring the transmittance of solid and liquid materials, p. 405
Mavrodineanu, R.

Absolute spectroradiometric measurements, p. 427
Rutgers, G.A.W.

Accurate measurements of and corrections for nonlinearities in radiometers, p. 437
Sanders, C.L.

Physical parameters in high-accuracy spectrophotometry, p. 455
Mielenz, K.D.

Liquid absorbance standards, p. 469
Burke, R.W.; Deardorff, E.R.; Menis, O.

Accurate measurement of molar absorptivities, p. 483
Burnett, Robert W.

Problems associated with the need for standardization in clinical spectrophotometric and fluorometric measurements, p. 491
Penton, James R.; Widdowson, Graham M.; Williams, George Z.

The role of spectrophotometric standards in the clinical chemistry laboratory, p. 499
Rand, Royden N.

Spectrophotometric standards, p. 509
Venable, W.H.

An alternative to accurate pyrometry in distinguishing concurrent vaporization reactions. Postulated results using the vaporization of gold in analyzing the vaporization of beryllium oxide in water vapor, p. 511
Douglas, Thomas B.

The determination of iron, titanium, and nickel in apollo 14 samples by cathode ray polarography, p. 517
Maienthal, E.J.

The stark splitting of millimeter wave transitions of water, p. 521
Beers, Yardley; Klein, Gerald P.

Issue 6 November 1972

Absolute spectrofluorometry, p. 547
Melhuish, W.H.

Absolute quantum efficiencies, p. 561
Crosby, G.A.; Demas, J.N.; Callis, J.B.

Phosphorimetry, p. 579
Wineford, J.D.

Measurements of absolute values in biochemical fluorescence spectroscopy, p. 593
Chen, Raymond F.

Newer fluorometric methods for the analysis of biologically important compounds, p. 607
Guilbault, G.G.

Inorganic ions in glasses and polycrystalline pellets as fluorescence standard reference materials, p. 613
Reisfeld, R.

Development of a new fluorescent reagent and its application to the automated assay of amino acids and peptides at the picomole level, p. 637
Udenfriend, Sidney

Considerations on organic compounds in solution and inorganic ions in glasses as fluorescent Standard Reference Materials, p. 641
Velapoldi, R.A.

Ion-molecule reactions in isopropanol: Implications for its radiolysis, p. 655
Gorden, R.; Sieck, L.W.

Excitation of O21Δg by electron impact, p. 661
Julienne, P.S.; Krauss, M.

Vibrational and electronic oscillator strengths of LiO, p. 665
Marchetti, M.; Julienne, P.S.; Krauss, M.

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