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Journal of Research Volume 75A

Journal of Research of NBS, Section A: Physics and Chemistry

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 75A

ISSN: 0022-4332

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1971

High-speed (subsecond) measurement of heat capacity, electrical resistivity, and thermal radiation properties of tantalum in the range 1900 to 3200 K, p. 1
Cezairliyan, A.; McClure, J.L.; Beckett, C.W.

Thermophysical properties of methane: Orthobaric densities and some thermal properties, p. 15
Goodwin, Robert D.

The infrared spectrum of matrix isolated BaO2, p. 23
Abramowitz, S.; Acquista, N.

Refinement of the crystal structure of the aragonite phase of CaCO3, p. 27
Dickens, B.; Bowen, J.S.

Simple shearing flows in polyisobutylene solutions, p. 33
Zapas, L.J.; Phillips, J.C.

Synthesis of fluorodienes, p. 41
Fearn, James E.

Quantum corrections to the second virial coefficient for the Lennard-Jones (m-6) potential, p. 57
Boyd, Marjorie E.

Issue 2 March 1971

Tentative set of key values for thermodynamics - Part I. Report of the ICSU-CODATA task group on key values for thermodynamics, October, 1970, p. 97
Sunner, S.

Expanded formulation of thermodynamic scaling in the critical region, p. 103
Cooper, Martin J.

Table of spin-orbit energies for p-electrons in neutral atomic (core)np configurations, p. 109
Martin, W.C.

Heat capacities of cis-1,4-polyisoprene from 2 to 360 K, p. 113
Chang, S.S.; Bestul, A.B.

Combined low-pressure and high-pressure measurements of density and bulk modulus of aviation instrument oil and 2-methylbutane and their mixtures, p. 121
Houck, James C.; Heydemann, Peter L.

Crystal structure of Ca2Na2(CO3)3 (shortite), p. 129
Dickens, B.; Hyman, A.; Brown, W.E.

Issue 3 May 1971

The solid phase photolysis and radiolysis of ethylene at 20 to 77 K, p. 141
Gorden, R.; Ausloos, P.

Kinetic mass spectrometric investigation of the ion-molecule reactions occurring in C4 and C5 alkanes following photoionization at 106.7 and 104.8 nm, p. 147
Sieck, L.W.; Searles, S.K.; Ausloos, P.

An alumina standard reference material for resonance frequency and dynamic elastic moduli measurement. I. For use at 25 °C, p. 155
Dickson, R.W.; Wachtman, J.B.

Optical and mechanical properties of some neodymium-doped laser glasses, p. 163
Waxler, R.M.; Cleek, G.W.; Malitson, I.H.; Dodge, M.J.; Hahn, T.A.

Effect of environment on viscous flow in inorganic oxide glasses, p. 175
Simmons, Joseph H.; Macedo, Pedro B.

Phase relations in the SrO-IrO2-Ir system in air, p. 185
McDaniel, C.L.; Schneider, S.J.

The crystal structure of BaCa(CO3)2 (barytocalcite), p. 197
Dickens, B.; Bowen, J.S.

Ionization of hydrofluoric acid at 25 °C, p. 205
Patel, P.R.; Moreno, E.C.; Patel, J.M.

Vapor pressure equation for water in the range 0 to 100 °C, p. 213
Wexler, Arnold; Greenspan, Lewis

Issue 4 July 1971

Inclusions in laser materials, p. 247
Bennett, Herbert S.

Heat diffusion near absorbing centers in laser materials, p. 261
Bennett, Herbert S.

Thermal conductivity, electrical resistivity, and thermopower of aerospace alloys from 4 to 300 K, p. 269
Hust, J.G.; Weitzel, D.H.; Powell, R.L.

Refractive indices of fused silica at low temperatures, p. 279
Waxler, R.M.; Cleek, G.W.

High-speed (subsecond) measurement of heat capacity, electrical resistivity, and thermal radiation properties of tungsten in the range 2000 to 3600 K, p. 283
Cezairliyan, A.; McClure, J.L.

The calculated continuous emission of a LTE hydrogen plasma, p. 291
Roberts, J.R.; Voigt, P.A.

Tables of second virial coefficients and their first and second derivatives for the Stockmayer (m, 6, 3) potential function, p. 337
Gallagher, John S.; Klein, Max

The second spectrum of nickel (Ni II) (addenda and errata), p. 335
Shenstone, A.G.

Issue 5 September 1971

Measurement of the relative enthalpy of pure α-Al2O3 (NBS heat capacity and enthalpy Standard Reference Material No. 720) from 273 to 1173 K, p. 401
Ditmars, David A.; Douglas, Thomas B.

High-precision coulometric titrations of boric acid, p. 421
Marinenko, George; Champion, Charles E.

Determination of trace elements in ruby laser crystals by neutron activation analysis, p. 429
Thompson, Barbara A.; Miller, Eric C.

Crystallography of some double sulfates and chromates, p. 435
McMurdie, H.F.; Morris, M.C.; deGroot, J.; Swanson, H.E.

Discrimination between equations of state, p. 441
Macdonald, J.R.; Powell, Donald R.

New absorption bands and isotopic studies of known transitions in CO, p. 455
Simmons, J.D.; Tilford, S.G.

A study of line shape of CO infrared emission lines, p. 469
Dowling, James A.; Silverman, Shirleigh; Benedict, William S.; Quinn, Jarus W.

Ionization quantum yields and absorption coefficients of selected compounds at 58.4 and 73.6-74.4 nm, p. 481
Rebbert, R.E.; Ausloos, P.

Kinetic mass spectrometric investigation of the reactions of t-C4H9+ ions with some simple polar molecules at thermal energies, p. 487
Hellner, Lucette; Sieck, L.W.

Energy levels, wave functions, dipole and quadrupole transitions of trivalent gadolinium ions in sapphire, p. 493
Meijer, Paul H.E.; Lewiner, Jacques

Issue 6 November 1971

The accuracy of measurements of viscosity of liquids, p. 535
Marvin, Robert S.

An absolute determination of viscosity using a torsional pendulum, p. 541
White, Hobart S.; Kearsley, Elliot A.

An absolute determination of viscosity using channel flow, p. 553
Penn, Robert W.; Kearsley, Elliot A.

A new determination of the atomic weight of zinc, p. 561
Marinenko, George; Foley, Robert T.

High-speed (subsecond) measurement of heat capacity, electrical resistivity, and thermal radiation properties of niobium in the range 1500 to 2700 K, p. 565
Cezairliyan, Ared

Stable radical-anions derived from glyoxal bis(phenylhydrazones), p. 573
Fatiadi, Alexander J.

Temperature dependence of photocurrents produced by x and gamma rays in silicon radiation detectors, p. 579
Scharf, Karl; Mohr, Robert K.

Isomerization processes in ions of the empirical formula C4H8+, p. 591
Lias, S.G.; Ausloos, P.

The photochemistry of propane at high photon energies (8.4-21.2 eV), p. 607
Rebbert, R.E.; Lias, S.G.; Ausloos, P.

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