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Journal of Research Volume 74A

Journal of Research of NBS, Section A: Physics and Chemistry

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 74A

ISSN: 0022-4332

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1970

Standardization of cesium-137 gamma-ray sources in terms of exposure units (Roentgens), p. 1
Loftus, T.P.

Calculations of Zn II 3d94s5s and Ag I 4d95s6s, and some new levels in these spectra, p. 7
Martin, William C.; Sugar, Jack

New vacuum ultraviolet wavelengths and revised energy levels in the second spectrum of zinc (Zn II), p. 11
Martin, William C.; Kaufman, Victor

CIE 1960 UCS diagram and the Müller theory of color vision, p. 23
Judd, Deane B.; Yonemura, Gary T.

Blemish formation in processed microfilm II, p. 31
Pope, C.I.

Positive and negative ion sublimation from transition metal surfaces: A review of some recent results, p. 37
Scheer, Milton D.

Generation of controlled low pressures of nitrogen by means of dissociation equilibria, p. 45
Orcutt, Ronald H.

Temperature coefficient of the bismuth I-II transition pressure, p. 51
Houck, James C.

Isothermal diffusion in the dilute range of the system Ca(OH)2 - H3PO4 - H2O: Theory, p. 55
Moreno, E.C.; Patel, P.R.; Brown, W.E.

High-speed (subsecond) measurement of heat capacity, electrical resistivity, and thermal radiation properties of molybdenum in the range 1900 to 2800 K, p. 65
Cezairliyan, A.; Morse, M.S.; Berman, H.A.; Beckett, C.W.

P-V-T, thermodynamic and related properties of oxygen from the triple point to 300 K at pressures to 33 MN/m2, p. 93
Weber, L.A.

Issue 2 March 1970

A theoretical investigation of the configurations (3d + 4s)44p in neutral vanadium (VI), p. 141
Roth, C.

A theoretical investigation of the configurations (3d + 4s)54p in neutral chromium (Cr I), p. 157
Roth, C.

A theoretical investigation of the configurations (3d + 4s)74p in neutral iron, p. 181
Roth, C.

The intensity as a function of temperature of the low-angle x-ray diffraction maxima of the n-paraffins: Hexatriacontane, tetratetracontane, and tetranonacontane, p. 203
Sullivan, Peter K.; Weeks, James J.

Photoelastic constants of ruby, p. 215
Waxler, R.M.; Farabaugh, E.N.

Estimation of critical constants Tc, ρc from the ρ(T) and T(ρ) relations at coexistence, p. 221
Goodwin, Robert D.

Synthesis and growth of fresnoite (Ba2TiSi2O8) from a TiO2 flux and its relation to the system BaTiO3-SiO2, p. 229
Robbins, C.R.

Photoionization study of Fe(CO)5 and Ni(CO)4, p. 233
Distefano, G.

The band structure problem, p. 241
Ziman, J.M.

Optical properties and electronic density of states, p. 253
Cardona, Manuel

Excitonic effects in x-ray transitions in metals, p. 267
Mahan, G.D.

Soft x-ray band spectra and their relationship to the density of states, p. 273
Rooke, G.A.

The electronic structure of disordered alloys, p. 281
Beeby, J.L.

Summary of the conference on electronic density of states, p. 293
Ehrenreich, H.

Issue 3 May 1970

The crystal structure of hydrazinium trinitromethide, (N2H5+[C(NO2)3]- at ~ -160 °C), p. 309
Dickens, Brian

A refinement of the crystal structure of Na2CO3 ⋅ H2O, p. 319
Dickens, B.; Mauer, F.A.; Brown, W.E.

Anisotropic reaction kinetics of oxygen with pyrolytic graphite, p. 325
Horton, William S.

The viscosity and thermal conductivity of dilute gaseous hydrogen from 15 to 5000 K, p. 331
Hanley, H.J.M.; McCarty, R.D.; Intemann, H.

Temperature classification of the spectra of dysprosium (DyI, DyII), p. 355
King, Arthur S.; Conway, John G.; Worden, Earl F.; Moore, Charlotte E.

Optical density of states ultraviolet photoelectric spectroscopy, p. 397
Spicer, W.E.

Beyond the one-electron approximation: Density of states for interacting electrons, p. 417
Hedin, L.; Lundqvist, B.I.; Lundqvist, S.

Ion-neutralization spectroscopy, p. 433
Hagstrum, Homer D.

Local theory of disordered systems, p. 443
Butler, W.H.; Kohn, W.

Density of states information from low temperature specific heat measurements, p. 449
Beck, Paul A.; Claus, Helmut

Issue 4 July 1970

Solubility of CaHPO4 ⋅ 2H2O in the system Ca(OH)2–H3PO4–H2O at 5, 15, 25, and 37.5 °C, p. 461
Gregory, Thomas M.; Moreno, Edgard C.; Brown, Walter E.

Effect of oxide additions on the polymorphism of tantalum pentoxide. II. "Stabilization" of the high temperature structure type, p. 477
Roth, R.S.; Waring, J.L.; Brower, W.S.

Effect of oxide additions on the polymorphism of tantalum pentoxide. III. "Stabilization" of the low temperature structure type, p. 485
Roth, R.S.; Waring, J.L.

The dissociation constant of m-nitroanilinium ion in water-tetrahydrofuran solvents at 25 °C, p. 495
Robinson, R.A.

Specific heats of fluorine at coexistence, p. 499
Goodwin, Robert D.; Prydz, Rolf

A theoretical investigation of the configurations (3d + 4s)6 4p in neutral manganese (MnI), p. 507
Roth, C.

A literature survey of the chemistry of flame inhibition, p. 521
Creitz, E.C.

The NBS alloy data center: Description of index to the literature, p. 531
Carter, G.C.; Kahan, D.J.; Bennett, L.H.; Cuthill, J.R.; Dobbyn, R.C.

What is a quasi-particle?, p. 537
Schrieffer, J.R.

Electronic densities of states from x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, p. 543
Fadley, C.S.; Shirley, D.A.

Tunneling measurements of superconducting quasi-particle density of states and calculation of phonon spectra, p. 559
Rowell, J.M.

Pauli paramagnetism in metals with high densities of states, p. 567
Foner, S.

Relevance of knight shift measurements to the electronic density of states, p. 569
Bennett, L.H.; Watson, R.E.; Carter, G.C.

Issue 5 September 1970

Heat capacity and thermodynamic properties of α-beryllium nitride, Be3N2, from 20 to 315 K, p. 617
Furukawa, George T.; Reilly, Martin L.

Heat capacity and thermodynamic properties of β-lithium hexafluoroaluminate, Li3AlF6, from 15 to 380 K, p. 631
Furukawa, George T.; Saba, William G.; Ford, James C.

Thermodynamics of hydrochloric acid in 80 weight percent 2-methoxyethanol and 20 weight percent water from 10 to 50 °C, p. 641
Thun, Harry P.; Staples, Bert R.; Bates, Roger G.

Vapor pressure and heat of sublimation of platinum, p. 647
Plante, E.R.; Sessoms, A.B.; Fitch, K.R.

Thermophysical properties of methane: Virial coefficients, vapor and melting pressures, p. 655
Goodwin, Robert D.

Specific heats, Cv, of compressed liquid and gaseous fluorine, p. 661
Prydz, Rolf; Goodwin, Robert D.

Acidic dissociation of diprotonated piperazine in methanol-water solvents from 10 to 40 °C, p. 667
Paabo, Maya; Bates, Roger G.

Thermal conductivity standard reference materials from 4 to 300 K. I. Armco iron: Including apparatus description and error analysis, p. 673
Hust, J.G.; Powell, Robert L.; Weitzel, D.H.

Mössbauer spectrometer calibration using TiFe, p. 691
Swartzendruber, L.J.; Bennett, L.H.

Energies of 1snl (l ≥ 3) configurations in He4I as calculated from polarization theory, p. 699
Martin, William C.

A theoretical investigation of the configurations (3d + 4s)84p in neutral cobalt (CoI), p. 703
Roth, Charles

Odd configurations in neutral nickel (NiI), p. 715
Roth, Charles

Electron-spin resonance study of an alkaline solution of copper(II) oxalate-meso-tartrate complex (the Somogyi reagent) and related complexes, p. 723
Fatiadi, Alexander J.

Issue 6 September 1970

PVT measurements, virial coefficients, and Joule-Thomson inversion curve of fluorine, p. 747
Prydz, Rolf; Straty, G.C.

The activity coefficients of hydrofluoric acid in water from 0 to 35 °C, p. 761
Hamer, Walter J.; Wu, Yung-Chi

Fluorine flame calorimetry. III. The heat of formation of chlorine trifluoride at 298.15 K, p. 769
King, R.C.; Armstrong, G.T.

A review of oscillator strengths for lines of CuI, p. 781
Corliss, Charles H.

Stark effect and hyperfine structure of HCN measured with an electric resonance maser spectrometer, p. 791
Radford, H.E.; Kurtz, C.V.

The second spectrum of nickel (NiII), p. 801
Shenstone, A.G.

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