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Journal of Research Volume 73B

Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards, Section B: Mathematical Sciences

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 73B

ISSN: 0098-8979

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 1 January 1969

A table of integrals of the Error functions, p. 1
Ng, Edward W.; Geller, Murray

Fourier coefficients of Mathieu functions in stable regions, p. 21
Fruchting, Henning

A note on T-transformation of Lubkin, p. 25
Clark, W. D.; Gray, H. L.; Adams, J. E.

The cylinder problem in thermoviscoelasticity, p. 31
Edelstein, Warren S.

Relations within sequences of congruential pseudo-random numbers, p. 41
Verdier, Peter H.

On the mean dimensions of restricted random walks, p. 45
Verdier, Peter H.; DiMarzio, Edmund A.

The cube of every connected graph is 1-hamiltonian, p. 47
Chartrand, Gary; Kapoor, S. F.

Minimum-length covering by intersecting intervals, p. 49
Horn, W. A.

Issue 2 April 1969

An evaluation of linear least squares computer programs, p. 59
Wampler, Roy H.

Traffic assignment problem for a general network, p. 91
Dafermos, Stella C.; Sparrow, Frederick T.

Sufficient conditions for the instability of numerical integration methods, p. 119
Karim, Abdel Abbas I.

The second orthogonality conditions in the theory of proper and improper rotations, II: The intrinsic vector, p. 125
Gelman, Harry

The second orthogonality conditions in the theory of proper and improper rotations, III: The conjugacy theorem, p. 139
Gelman, Harry

Subgroups of SL(t, Z), p. 143
Newman, Morris

Cuttable and cut-reducible matrices, p. 145
Marimont, Rosalind B.

Automorphic integrals with preassigned periods, p. 153
Lehner, Joseph

A digital computer technique for calculating the step response of lumped or distributed networks, p. 163
Andrews, James R.; Nahman, N. S.

Symmetry and the crossing number for complete graphs, p. 177
Saaty, Thomas L.

Issue 3 July 1969

A table of integrals of exponential integral, p. 191
Geller, Murray; Ng, Edward W.

Principal ideals in matrix rings, p. 211
Newman, Morris; Pierce, Stephen

The second orthogonality conditions in the theory of proper and improper rotations .IV. Solution of the trace and secular equations, p. 215
Gelman, Harry

Minimax error selection of a univariate distribution with prescribed componentwise bounds and ranking, p. 225
Goldman, A. J.

Minimax adjustment of a univariate distribution to satisfy componentwise bounds and/or ranking, p. 231
Goldman, A. J.

On the application of some interpolating functions in physics, p. 241
Jerri, A. J.

Commutator groups and algebras, p. 247
Greenberg, L.

On a class of nonlinear transformations and their applications to the evaluation of infinite series, p. 251
Gray, H. L.; Clark, W. D.

Issue 4 October 1969

Temperature renormalization in non linear Vlasov problem, p. 281
Sadowski, W.L.; Ruthberg, Z. G.

Selective excitation of harmonics in a collisionless plasma by two counterstreaming electron beams, p. 293
Sadowski, W. L.; Ruthberg, Z. G.

Simultaneous contractification, p. 301
Goldman, A. J.; Meyers, P. R.

A theorem on convex hulls, p. 307
Horn, W. A.

Partitioning of interaction in analysis of variance, p. 309
Mandel, John

Highly restricted partitions, p. 329
Gupta, Hansraj

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