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Journal of Research Volume 73A

Journal of Research of NBS, Section A: Physics and Chemistry

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 73A

ISSN: 0022-4332

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January 1969

Specific heats of oxygen at coexistence, p. 1
Goodwin, Robert D.; Weber, Lloyd A.

Specific heats Cv of fluid oxygen from the triple point to 300 K at pressures to 350 atmospheres, p. 15
Goodwin, Robert D.; Weber, Lloyd A.

Thermodynamic properties of fluid oxygen at temperatures to 250 K and pressures to 350 atmospheres on isochores at 1.3 to 3.0 times critical density, p. 25
Goodwin, Robert D.

Two new standards for the pH scale, p. 37
Staples, Bert R.; Bates, Roger G.

Calculation of diffusion coefficients in ternary systems from diaphragm cell experiments, p. 43
Patel, P.R.; Moreno, E.C.; Gregory, T.M.

Calculated line strengths for the transition array (3d3 + 3d2 4s) - 3d2 4p in TiII, p. 51
Mendlowitz, H.

Morphological stability of a cylinder, p. 65
Coriell, Sam R.; Hardy, Stephen C.

Distorted tetrahedra in strontium copper åkermanite, p. 69
Ito, Jun; Peiser, H.S.

Tritium-labeled compounds. XII. Note on the synthesis of D-glucose-2-t and D-mannose-2-t, p. 75
Isbell, Horace S.; Frush, Harriet L.; Wade, C.W.; Fatiadi, A.J.

A survey of blemishes on processed microfilm, p. 79
McCamy, C.S.; Wiley, S.R.; Speckman, J.A.

Issue 2 March 1969

Color representation of electron microprobe area-scan images by a color separation process, p. 113
Yakowitz, Harvey; Heinrich, Kurt F.

Configurations 3dn 4p in singly ionized atoms of the iron group, p. 125
Roth, C.

Configurations 3dn4p + 3dn-14s4p in Sc II, Ti II, and V II, p. 159
Roth, C.

Effective interactions in the even configurations of the third spectra of the iron group, p. 173
Shadmi, Y.; Caspi, E.; Oreg, J.

Test of a kinetics scheme: Emission in H(2S) + NO(2Π), p. 191
Krauss, M.

A nuclear magnetic resonance and relaxation study of dimethoxyborane, p. 195
Farrar, T.C.; Tsang, T.

The effects of low energy irradiation on organometallics. Organometal halides of group IVA, p. 201
Brinckman, F.E.; Kokoszka, Gerald F.; Adams, Norman K.

Measurements of gaseous diffusion coefficients by a gas chromatographic technique, p. 207
Wasik, S.P.; McCulloh, K.E.

Phase relations in the Ru-Ir-O2 system in air, p. 213
McDaniel, C.L.; Schneider, S.J.

Heats of reaction of natural rubber with sulfur, p. 221
Bekkedahl Norman; Weeks, James J.

A table of rotational constants of symmetric top molecules giving rise to microwave spectra, p. 233
Lojko, Matthew S.; Beers, Yardley

Energy levels, wave functions, dipole and quadrupole transitions of Fe+++ ions in sapphire, p. 241
Lewiner, Jacques; Meijer, Paul H.E.

Issue 3 May 1969

New even levels and classified lines in the first spectrum of tungsten (WI), p. 277
Corliss, C.H.

The heat of combustion of beryllium in fluorine, p. 281
Churney, K.L.; Armstrong, G.T.

Deuterium isotope effect on the dissociation of weak acids in water and deuterium oxide, p. 299
Robinson, R.A.; Paabo, Maya; Bates, Roger G.

Vortex motions in ideal Bose superfluid, p. 309
Cooper, Martin J.

Franck-Condon factors for the ionization of H2O and D2O, p. 313
Botter, R.; Rosenstock, H.M.

Topological features of hot carrier induced anisotropic breakdown on silicon diode surfaces, p. 321
Harman, George G.

The third spectrum of praseodymium (PrIII) in the vacuum ultraviolet, p. 333
Sugar, Jack

Issue 4 July 1969

Classical path methods in line broadening. I. The classical path approximation, p. 389
Smith, Earl W.; Vidal, C.R.; Cooper, J.

Classical path methods in line broadening. II. Application to the Lyman series of hydrogen, p. 405
Smith, Earl W.; Vidal, C.R.; Cooper, J.

The second virial coefficient for the realistic pair potential, p. 421
Woolley, Harold W.

Synthesis of barium ferrates in oxygen, p. 425
Negas, Taki; Roth, Robert S.

The system SrO-"chromium oxide" in air and oxygen, p. 431
Negas, Taki; Roth, Robert S.

Issue 5 September 1969

Conversion of existing calorimetrically determined thermodynamic properties to the basis of the International Practical Temperature Scale of 1968, p. 451
Douglas, Thomas B.

Measured enthalpy and derived thermodynamic properties of alpha beryllium nitride, Be3N2, from 273 to 1200 K, p. 471
Douglas, Thomas B.; Payne, William H.

Measured enthalpy and derived thermodynamic properties of solid and liquid lithium tetrafluoroberyllate, Li2BeF4, from 273 to 900 K, p. 479
Douglas, Thomas B.; Payne, William H.

Nonanalytic vapor pressure equation with data for nitrogen and oxygen, p. 487
Goodwin, Robert D.

Some precise measurements of the vapor pressure of water in the range from 25 to 100 °C, p. 493
Stimson, H.F.

The configurations (3d + 4s)n 4p in neutral atoms of calcium, scandium, and titanium, p. 497
Roth, C.

Absolute isotopic abundance ratio and atomic weight of terrestrial rubidium, p. 511
Catanzaro, E.J.; Murphy, T.J.; Garner, E.L.; Shields, W.R.

Fundamental aspects of dislocation theory: A conference report with abstracts, p. 517
Simmons, John A.; deWit, Roland; Bullough, R.

Issue 6 November 1969

Scaling analysis of thermodynamic properties in the critical region of fluids, p. 563
Vicentini-Missoni, M.; Levelt Sengers, J.M.H.; Green, M.S.

Formulation of a nonanalytic equation of state for parahydrogen, p. 585
Goodwin, Robert D.

Dynamical model for brillouin scattering near the critical point of a fluid, p. 593
Mountain, Raymond D.

Odd configurations in singly-ionized copper, p. 599
Roth, C.

Capillary depressions for nearly planar menisci, p. 611
Siu, M.C.I.

Phase transformation in barium tetraborate, p. 615
Robbins, C.R.; Levin, E.M.

Crystallography and preparation of some ABCl3 compounds, p. 621
McMurdie, H.F.; de Groot, J.; Morris, M.; Swanson, H.E.

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